The Red Fort

Built in 1639 by the 5th Emperor Shah Jahan, the Red Fort is one of the top tourist attractions in Delhi.  The fort was commissioned in 1638 when the Shah decided to move the capital from Agra to Delhi.  The Red Fort itself is a beautiful sandstone structure connected internally by a water channel called the Stream of Paradise.  The Red Fort has two main gates, the Lahore Gate named because its faces the Capital of Pakistan and the main entrance which is named the Delhi Gate.  The Red Fort is a must see on any India or Delhi Tour!

When entering through the Lahore Gate visitors get to see Chhatta Chowk a glorious covered Bazaar.  Inside the Red Fort one of the most famous structures is the Hall of Public Audience.  It’s 60 red sandstone pillars support the roof which is an amazing feat of engineering.  The Hall of Private Audience is a smaller area made of white marble but equally impressive.

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While you could spend a few days discovering every minute detail of the Red Fort it is best to view the impressive site as part of an India Tour that includes Delhi.  There are many tours that include the city as it the capital city of India, with the most direct flights from other countries including direct flights from Vancouver and Toronto on Air Canada.

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