Time to Book Winter 2023 Flights to India!

Customers looking for cheap flights to India have been mainly looking at flights this winter in December and January of 2023.

While there are still many requests for flights over the Christmas holidays most people have made their decision.

Many who are hoping for a deal over the break are having difficulty finding a cheap India flight as many of these tickets are purchased months in advance.  The lack of seats during this period allows the airlines to charge significantly more for those who were unable to plan.  We expect many people to continue checking the fares for this period with eventual bookings are many of these passengers do not want to spend the holiday break away from their family and friends in India.

For passengers looking to last minute flight tickets to India for the first time this year, we are seeing the German carrier Lufthansa take a big share of the bookings to India.  For the majority of the year, Lufthansa has kept their airfare quite high and they are only allowing one piece of checked baggage, but now they have decided to drop their fare as they have availability of seats to India. While the baggage allowance has not changed a significant price drop has moved many customers to Lufthansa over the past week, especially for travel this month.  We might be seeing the start of a trend as airlines are attempting to get whatever revenue they can rather than fly planes with empty seats.

Customers who are flying to India in other parts of the year have been now buying a significant number of tickets on Turkish Airlines.  With their new service to Vancouver and Seattle to Istanbul and onwards to New Delhi they are having a huge impact on the Vancouver market.  In addition, as one of the carriers providing service from Toronto for many years, they have a strong brand and along with cheap flights to India they have seen a massive jump in sales over the past few weeks.

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As Air India has a built-in advantage right now, they still taking a majority of the air traffic this year and no expectation will change without other airlines significantly lowering their price.

For passengers leaving from Toronto to Delhi or other nearby cities like Brampton or Mississauga the lowest price in the market right now in January is on United Airlines.  With service via Chicago and New Jersey with great connections to the Toronto Airport, they are a great option during the peak India season.

Right now, they have flights available from $2040 and they are the cheapest flight to India in the market.

For those who would rather fly direct Air Canada continues to offer a lower price than Air India.  While the Air Canada direct service has a longer flight time and charges for your second checked bag, they are still popular even with prices starting from $2800 in January.  The same ticket on Air India will cost a few hundred more.

Passengers leaving from Vancouver to New Delhi that are looking for a cheap ticket to India are finding similar airlines and routes available.  The cheapest fare to India from Vancouver in January is on United Airlines and Lufthansa combination.  These flights route through Frankfurt and Munich in one direction and come back through Chicago in the other.  While you do end up visiting three different airports on your trip to India, you also will save some money as this flight is available for $2090.  To compare the direct flight on Air India for the same dates will cost close to $2700.  For those who are less worried about the schedule of their flight to India, there are significant savings to be found.

As we are in the peak period for travel and booking for India, we are seeing a large volume of customer requests.  While some are unwilling to pay higher prices than they have seen in the past, there is still a significant number of people who are booking flights to India to see their family and friends.  While the airlines are attempting to charge the maximum amount they can we have seen a few times this fall where they have had lower prices at the last minute to fill their flights, we will see if this trend continues, but for those who are sure they are flying to India this year, it makes sense to lock in your cheap flight to India now!

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