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Once again during the past 7 days there has been an expectation that there will be further restrictions in terms of travel for Canada.  While this is having a severe impact on flights overall, it has significantly reduced prices which is again allowing you to secure Cheap India Flights.

We have also seen a number of flight cancellations as the government has reiterated that travel should only be for essential reasons.  The extra seats available has reduced prices, and have again allowed access to cheap flights to India on both the Air Canada and Air India direct flights to Delhi from Toronto and Vancouver These cheap India flight prices are even available on last minute flights in February, this is big change from the past week!

While searching for cheap India flights from Toronto to Delhi, Air India remains cheaper than Air Canada, but Air Canada has dropped their prices so they are both good options.  In addition, Air Canada has matched the free two bag policy of Air India for the next few months.  If you are looking to purchase the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi from Toronto to secure your cheap India flight, the price can be as low as $1,299 for a round trip ticket including all taxes.  If you only need a one-way ticket from Toronto to India you can travel for as little as $679 or if you want to get from Delhi to Toronto fares are as low as $1,090.  Once again, cheap India flights are available from Toronto, but with new rules on the way you must be very careful that your trip is necessary.

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If you need to go to India from Vancouver and want the cheapest possible price, both Air Canada and Air India are once your go to options.  Flying from Vancouver to Delhi on the Air Canada direct service you will be able to find a price around $1,279 even if you depart in the next week or two.  For those who only need to go one way to Delhi from Vancouver, cheap India flights are available from $659.  If need a one-way flight from Delhi to Vancouver prices can be found for $1,010 including all taxes!

Due the fact the level fear for international travel has increased in the last few days there has been a massive reduction in demand.  While no one enjoys the issues that have been created due to the COVID pandemic and the new rules that are created without much thought for the travellers convenience, it does have the benefit of lower prices.  For those who have no choice but travel these new restrictions will least allow you to find a cheap India flight.

Flying from Toronto to India or from Vancouver to India will offer you a great direct service and lower prices than we have seen in the last few weeks.  While it is important to remember that new restrictions could mean a mandated government quarantine, or even a difficult time re-entering Canada, the flights will continue to go for essential travel.  For those people who have no choice you will get a cheap India flight!

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