Travel Bubble in India Will Be Removed Soon!

If you are looking to buy a cheap flight to India this year there has been a big announcement.  The Indian government has finally dropped the travel bubble and is going back to normal commercial operations.  This means that any country no longer needs a specific agreement with India to operate flights.  Over the next few weeks, more flights will be added from many destinations to India, especially Delhi and Mumbai, including operations from many new carriers.  While this will not impact prices on the direct flights to India significantly, it will mean more competition for customers travelling to and from India, this should mean cheap India ticket prices for you! For those looking to purchase a ticket to India, it will be a good idea to buy early rather than hope for a seat sale closer to your departure date as we expect a flood of new bookings now that the announcement for the removal of the travel bubbles has been made.

For a customer looking for flights from Surrey to India, Vancouver to India, Toronto to India or Mississauga to India we are your local travel agency who understands this complex market better than anyone.  It does not matter if you are looking for the Air Canada direct flight to India or another option that connects through a third country.  As a wholesaler for all airlines, we can save you money and provide you with all the information you need for a safe and convenient trip.  Due to our recent selection as an Air Canada Circle of Excellence Platinum Partner, you can be assured that we have the best facilities to find you a cheap flight on Air Canada and any other airline.

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Customers who are looking to buy a ticket to India from Toronto have many options that will be growing over the next weeks and months.  The vast majority of bookings in the past week have not been on the direct flight on Air Canada from Toronto, rather, the major of bookings have moved over to the direct service from Montreal.  Many customers are opting for the cheaper India flight that connects from Toronto to Montreal and then to New Delhi.  As return flights are extremely full from India to Canada, customers are looking for savings in any way they can.  For those who are willing to spend more, you can still book the direct flight from Toronto to Delhi, but most are staying in India for a few extra weeks until seats open up.  For those looking to purchase this flight, it is available from $2600 for departure in April and returning in June.  If you are one of the many who is looking to save money and find a cheap flight to India, travelling on Air France will be your best bet.  You can fly from Toronto to Delhi via Paris for only $1420.  For all of the customers travelling from Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto to Delhi, options are finally starting to open up to find a cheap flight to India.

For those travelling from Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford to Delhi to India fares are similar to what we are finding from Toronto. Customers who are looking at the very popular Air Canada direct service from Vancouver to New Delhi will be somewhat disappointed as now that flight must stop in Dublin to refuel due to the closure of Russian airspace.  While this change does have a large impact it is still not pushing too many customers away which is shown by the fact that prices remain very high.  To book the Air Canada direct service to New Delhi in April with a return in June will still cost you $2590.  The high cost of this option is allowing KLM & Air France to get more passengers as they have a combination via Paris and Amsterdam that is only $1400, which is a huge saving of almost $1000.

Overall, flight prices to India from Canada remain relatively high, but that could change with the opening of India for commercial flights.  With the new rules in place, the pent-up demand and rising fuel prices could impact your ability to find a cheap India flight soon and months into the future.  It is always a good practice to plan and book early when finding flights to India, especially this year with so much uncertainty.  It may prove to be difficult to secure a cheap India flight as airlines continue to deal with the fallout from the pandemic and regrowth of the industry.  Overall, the news seems to be getting better for travel from Canada to India this year, we are hopeful that this will allow you to find a cheap flight to see your friends and family in the coming months.

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