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With one week behind us and the new quarantine rules in place, people are starting to get used to the process. While there have been many issues getting through to book your hotel, there have been some recent improvements in this area.  For instance, in Vancouver 2 hotels are now available to be booked online, and there are a total of 12 hotels available to be booked!

In Toronto, there are now 17 hotels to be booked.  This increased competition has reduced prices to below $2,000 which is allowing a great amount of traffic, and increases your ability to find Cheap India Flights.  While last-minute bookings for India tickets have decreased, there has been an increase in price for bookings a few months away.  With an increase in vaccinations, there is more confidence that travel will rebound strongly.  Also, there is now a growing fear that prices to India will go up if you don’t book now.  As the India travel bubble will probably remain in place for the next few months, the lack of seats on the Air Canada direct flight will reduce your ability to buy a cheap ticket to India if you don’t act fast.

One place where Air Canada has shown increased confidence in the Indian market is by adding new direct service from Montreal to Delhi.  The service will begin in May with flights departing from Montreal at 7:20 PM and arriving in Delhi at 5:55 PM the following day.  The returning service from Delhi to Montreal will depart at 12:05 AM and arrive at 5:05 AM. By adding this new service will give more options for all travellers out of Canada as they will be more available seats to book.  Overall, that should mean cheap India flights and better connections from Montreal!

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For the vast majority of passengers who are travelling from Toronto the direct flight on Air Canada is still by far the most popular, followed by the direct flight on Air India to Delhi.  For those clients who are ready to book you can find a cheap flight to India for only $1,167.  If you only need a one-way flight from Toronto to India they can found for as little as $580, or if you need a one-way flight from Delhi to Toronto, they are available from $865.  Prices from India to Canada remain higher, as there is a great demand for Indians to come to Canada right now.

The other primary driver of traffic to India from Canada is of course Vancouver.  While demand for flights to India from Vancouver is slightly less than from Toronto, there is still more than enough to facilitate the need for a direct flight from Air Canada.  Although Air Canada flights are very busy, pricing on Air India is definitely lower so they are taking a large chunk of the passengers.

For those who are ready to book, cheap India flights start from only $1,159 round trip.  If you only need to fly from Vancouver to Delhi then you can get a ticket for only $572.  For those who need to travel on a direct flight from India to Vancouver cheap flights are available from $775.

Overall, there has been a lot of negative news for travel in the past few weeks, hopefully with quarantine in place those who have travelled, and have to travel can navigate the new rules now in place.  We are very hopeful that the new hotel mandate will be short, which will allow a large increase in pent-up demand for travel to India.  For those who need to travel it’s a good idea to get your cheap flights to India today, rather than wait for the floodgates to open.  As confidence starts to grow, the passenger number will explode which will definitely drive prices higher!

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