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For those potential travellers looking to go to India in the next few weeks and are waiting for the new quarantine rules to be announced, you will have to wait a little longer.

While there has been some progress on hotels being chosen for the new quarantine system, the actual date for the government-mandated hotels has not been announced.  With the uncertainty in the travel market, there has been a significant reduction in the number of travellers, but it does not mean you do not have access to Cheap India FlightsThere are amazing deals to be had because the traffic between India and Canada is so low.  For those who do want to travel they should consider themselves lucky as there are still enough passengers to support direct flights between the two countries.

There has been a new round of flight cancellations to destinations around the world, but Air Canada and Air India both continue to offer their direct service from Vancouver and Toronto to Delhi, this shows the importance of the markets to the counties’ respective home carriers.

If you are looking to travel to India soon, your only good options are to fly on the Air Canada or the Air India direct flight to Delhi.  Using direct flights significantly reduces the chance of a flight cancellation or new COVID restrictions impacting your trip.  For those willing passengers’ prices are better on Air India with round trip fares from Toronto to Delhi starting from $1,299 including all taxes and fees.  Alternatively, if you only want to travel one-way fly from Canada to India for only $599, or you can do the reverse flight from India to Canada from only $879!

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Book your flight with Bains Travel, and travel worry free!  You must adhere to all of the rules and regulations attached to your India flight because the airlines will not give you additional flexibility when the new quarantine rules are enforced.  Trust our informed India experts to help you with the process from start to finish, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

If you are looking for cheap India flights from Vancouver prices are a little bit better on Air India than on Air Canada.  The cheapest round-trip flight on Air India’s direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi will be around $1,199.  If you only need to fly one-way from Vancouver to India, there are great cheap India flights available from only $599.  However, bif you need to fly in one-way from India to Vancouver you will be paying more with flights starting from $799.

With flight prices to India being available at such a great low price right now, there should be a big increase in new bookings, but everyone understands that the quarantine rules can be implemented at any time.  With costs to the passenger as high as $2,000, it is a large investment to take a risk of going to India right now.  Those who are travelling are usually booking one-way flights or planning to stay past April 30th, hoping to avoid any mandated quarantine.  While the government has not made anything official, we are hopeful that the quarantine period will not go on indefinitely.

While this is not the time to travel unless it is necessary, if you need to fly there are cheap India fights available.  If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here.

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