Want to Travel to India? Air Canada is the best option!

The past week has seen a significant increase in customers looking for Cheap India Flights.  As the fall has approaches, more and more people are asking about options to travel to India this year.  While the travel bubbles will most likely be extended between Canada and India, there is a small potential that there could be changes which might impact who can travel and which airlines will operate.

Currently, the Indian government continues to request COVID quarantine for those who can not produce a negative test result within 96 hours.  While the restrictions are a hassle for anyone wanting to travel, it’s important to understand that this is a necessary inconvenience right now.  Regardless, while entry requirements may be more difficult there are plenty of cheap India flights available!

For anyone who is travelling to India and looking for cheap flights, Air Canada continues to be a great option and they have recently announced a COVID insurance package to offer protection for those who purchase tickets with them.  The Air Canada COVID insurance only applies to tickets purchased from Canada, and the trips can only total a maximum of 21 days.  For India passengers that are planning to stay longer than 3 weeks this free COVID insurance will not apply.

On Toronto to India flights this week prices remain great on both direct flights! 

  • Air Canada’s direct flight to Delhi prices one way are as low as $1,039
  • Delhi to Toronto you can get cheap India prices that are only $1,199 one way
  • If you need to purchase a round trip flight, Air Canada has special fares from only $1,239
  • On Air India there is an even greater opportunity to secure a cheap India flights, fares one-way from Toronto to Delhi start from $799, and one-way fares from Delhi to Toronto start from $1,099
  • Round trip flights on Air India start from $1,599

If you are looking for cheap flights from Toronto to India there are definitely great options on either Air Canada or Air India!

  • Cheap India Flights - Punjab Temple
    Cheap India Flights - Bagh Temple
    Cheap India Flights - Golden Temple

For Vancouver to India flight pricing is also extremely good with lots of cheap India flights available.  For the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi one-way fares start from $799, one-way fares from Delhi to Vancouver are as low as $1,299 and you can fly round-trip on the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to India from $1699.

Air India also continues to fly to Vancouver under the bubble program and is also offering very cheap India flights.  One-way flights on Air India from Vancouver start at $799, while one-way flights from India to Canada start from $999.  If you want to fly on Air India round trip from Vancouver, we can find fares as low as $1,499.  As you can see there are still very good options to find cheap India flights to and from Vancouver to Delhi!

In addition to the direct flights from Air Canada and Air India, Lufthansa has just announced very cheap business class flights from Canada to India!  If you only need to travel one-way to India you can fly from either Toronto or Vancouver from $1,999, or you can purchase round-trip tickets from $2,699!  These very cheap business class fares to India have never been seen in the market before and may never come back again, so if you want a great experience this is the time to book!

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights!

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