Canada remains on the “safe list” for India travel

For those customers who are looking to fly to India over the next few weeks and want to secure a cheap flight to India, be advised that there are increasing restrictions in parts of India.  Due to the increase in COVID cases especially in the major centers, there have been some new curfews and quarantine rules to prevent the spread of the new variant.

However, while these new rules make it difficult for certain tourists and citizens arriving in India, most of the outlying areas continue to have freedom of movement.  As many of the travellers who depart from Canada will be heading to their villages in Punjab, they continue to have access to most of their daily activities.

While the Indian government has increased restrictions on travellers from many countries,  Canada has continued to NOT be included on the list for increased COVID surveillance!  For those customers who have already booked their trip to India from Canada this year despite not being able to secure a cheap India flight, you can be confident that your flight will return to Canada without any issues.  While the extra testing required to get on India to Canada flights is frustrating, you can be assured that these are some of the safest flights in the air today!

As we close in on the end of winter season for new bookings, there are a few customers still looking for last-minute tickets from Toronto to New Delhi.  For those hoping to get lucky and find a cheap India flight, it is proving to be impossible.  The winter flights between Canada and India are extremely full over the next few weeks as the high level of demand, combined with the lack of flights has pushed prices to a level not seen in decades.

For those who are looking to find a cheap flight to India from Toronto, there is some good news on the horizon as this spring fare seems to be dropping.  If you are looking to buy a flight from Toronto to Delhi, your best option will be to fly via Montreal in February and return on the direct flight on Air Canada.

This flight is available from $1,630 while still more than what most would like to pay, it is much cheaper than what we have seen for the past few months.  If you are dedicated to finding a cheap India flight and are willing to take a risk that rules will be relaxed by the spring, you can find a price from Toronto to Delhi for only $1,055!

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Looking at the travellers who are coming from the Vancouver area to India, there are also some changes in prices to report.  While the direct flight on Air Canada or Air India are both packed for the next few weeks, we are also starting to see some small changes in demand for the spring.

For the many travellers who want a cheap India flight from Vancouver to Delhi, the direct flights are proving to be quite expensive.  However if you fly via Montreal there are savings to be had.  A great option is to fly via Montreal over the next few weeks, and come back on the Air Canada direct flight.  You can find this option for as low as $1,680!

If you want to secure a cheap India Flight and you have a high-risk tolerance, you can look at flying via Munich on the return, but you must be aware that due to current rules you could be stuck as you need to get tested in a third country.

Of course the rules are continually evolving, so we don’t know what will be allowed by this spring.  Travelling to India out of Vancouver has proven to be expensive at the start of this year, but it seems like things are changing which will allow you to buy a cheap India flight over the next few months.

Once again, we are dealing with increased restrictions due to the high level of cases of the new Omicron variant worldwide.  While the traffic between Canada and India remains strong, we are seeing a small number of cancellations.  However, this number is too small to have an impact on your ability to secure a cheap India flight over the next few weeks.

Looking towards this spring fares have started to drop on both the Vancouver to Delhi and Toronto to Delhi routes, but we don’t expect this trend to continue as demand should pick up as COVID cases drop.  If you are planning a trip to India this spring or summer and you only want to travel on the direct flight, it would make a lot of sense to book now to secure your cheap India flight before prices go up!

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