What is happening with the Indian Travel Bubble?

For those looking for the latest update for Canada to India flights, you have come to the right place.  While the vast majority of people are looking to find a cheap flight to India, it is proving to be more difficult due to recent events.  In the past week, two recent developments will have a serious impact on the price paid for flights between Canada and India.

The main driver of high prices is the Indian travel bubble due to the COVID pandemic.  While the number of cases from the latest variant continues to decline the Indian government has decided to keep the travel bubbles for an indefinite time.  This is not the news we wanted to hear.  The travel bubble artificially increases prices for flights thereby making it difficult to secure a cheap India flight.

In addition to this restriction, the unrest in Ukraine has caused severe disruption in flight paths and airspace availability.  In response to the closure of Russian air space to European and Canadian airlines, Air Canada has been forced to re-route its direct service from Vancouver to Delhi.  This particular route which is the most popular in the market will now stop in Dublin to refuel.  Customers do not need to change planes but this will add time to the overall journey.  Up to now the Air Canada Toronto to Delhi and the Montreal to Delhi direct flights are unaffected but that could change.  Air India continues to provide non-stop service from Vancouver to Delhi as their planes can continue to operate over Russia.  Overall, the changing environment worldwide has not been favourable for your ability to secure a cheap India flight this week.

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Despite all of the news this week, there are still plenty of clients purchasing a flight ticket from Canada to India.  Clients departing Toronto to New Delhi have plenty of options for travel via Europe, the Middle East and the United States.  Those passengers who are interested in the direct flight on Air Canada from Toronto to Delhi most are pushing their returns into the summer months as the spring return fares are sky-high.  To purchase a ticket to India departing in March and returning in June they are available from $1950.  If you are willing to take a stop to save a significant amount of money there are cheap India flights available via Paris for $1400.

For Vancouver, prices remain somewhat higher than flights from Toronto as there are fewer options from the West Coast.  The direct flight on Air Canada from Vancouver to Delhi can be found for $2350.  Currently, Air Canada is still showing this departure for spring without a stop in the next couple of weeks, but that may change which should reduce prices by a small amount.  If you need to save some money there is one way you can travel to secure a cheap India Flight.  Air Canada has an option through Montreal for the departure and a return flight from Delhi to Canada via Japan.  While this flight on the return does require an airport change it is available for only $1300, this is a great option if you need to secure a cheap India flight from Vancouver.

Overall, there have been many changes again this week for travel from Canada to India.  With all the news coming out impacting your ability to secure a safe and reliable connection back home it is extremely important to work with a knowledgeable Bains Travel consultant.  It is of utmost importance that you have booked the right flight combining the best schedule and the best price.  Our ability to understand this market helps you to achieve a great balance between a cheap flight to India and making to right decision to arrive safely and securely.

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