Why Can’t I Find A Cheap Flight To India?

If you are purchasing a cheap flight to India and you are concerned about the rules and regulations due to the COVID situation we here at Bains Travel are doing our best to connect you with friends and family in the safest and most convenient way possible.  While we understand that everyone is looking to get a cheap ticket to India, due to the rules and extremely tight testing measures at the request of the Canadian government, it has pushed the vast majority of travellers onto only two flights between Canada and India.  As the Canadian government has put in these special rules regarding COVID testing they are providing a significant advantage to both Air Canada & Air India as they are the only two carriers operating direct flights between Canada and India.  The flights on both of these carriers are between Vancouver and Delhi and Toronto and Delhi.  Since almost all traffic is being pushed to these two airlines it is creating artificially high demand and reducing your ability to find a cheap flight to India.

In addition to the lack of options for India flights, there is also increased demand from India to Canada as our government is attempting to increase immigration.  The increased demand from India has created an imbalance between flights leaving Canada and those returning.  For example, a one-way ticket from Toronto to Delhi can be purchased for as low as $599 while a one-way trip from Delhi to Toronto on the same day will cost almost $2600!  This massive difference in the number of people arriving compared to the number of passengers departing will impact your ability to get a cheap India flight for the coming months and years.  Once regulations are relaxed, we should see a dramatic drop in prices, but most likely they will remain high as compared to what we became accustomed to pre-pandemic.

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For anyone looking to purchase a ticket from Toronto to Delhi over the next few weeks, most customers are waiting for the spring due to the extremely high cost of the direct flights for the rest of the winter.  For those looking to purchase a ticket on the Air Canada direct flight you should be expecting to pay around $1850, once again most of the cost of this ticket is the demand from India to Canada.  We have also been watching prices on the non-direct routes over the past few weeks as we are hopeful that the government will relax rules allowing easier access to these flights soon.  Right now, you can purchase flights on Air France for as low as $1100.  These flights are available for purchase today, but if the rules do not change you could have issues getting tested in Paris as the Canadian government will not allow testing from India on these flights.

For travellers looking to depart from Vancouver to New Delhi, prices are a little lower than from out East.  While you still cannot find a cheap flight to India on the direct route, India flight tickets are available for $1750.  Once again, the heavy demand due to immigration and students from India to Canada is having a large impact on prices.  If you want to take the risk that the rules will finally change later in the spring you can easily book a flight via Paria for as low as $1100, but if the restrictions remain in place, you could have significant issues with your return.  As prices remain high and COVID travel rules remain in place we have seen a slowdown in the number of bookings from Vancouver, which is unlikely to change until this latest round of restrictions is reduced.  We expect demand on the direct flights for Air Canada and Air India from Vancouver to Delhi to remain strong, if you have committed that you want to travel on this route then it is best to book now before prices go up.

For those hoping to find a cheap India flight this winter that is unfortunately not going to happen.  Demand from India to Canada is high and the airlines are taking advantage of this and the fact that both the Indian and Canadian governments are doing everything in their power to support their home carriers.  While this does help these particular airlines the average citizen is forced to change their travel plans or pay a heavy price for travel between Canada and India.  Once again other options are available but they are risky because of the rules in place. As cases come down from this latest wave, we will keep you informed on the best way to find a cheap India flight from Canada to India.

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