Will Gas Prices Impact Prices on India Flights?

If you are looking to purchase a cheap flight to India over the next few months it might be a good idea to plan ahead.  The significant increase in oil costs worldwide will have an impact on airlines’ ability to keep prices where they currently are.

Most likely the rise in fuel prices will force air carriers to increase their fuel surcharge on India flights in the coming weeks.  So far, no announcements have been made so if you book now, you should be able to save money on your next India flight. 

In addition, with the announcement that the Indian travel bubbles will continue indefinitely, we will probably see fewer seats than pre-COVID available for purchase.  Most likely because of pent-up demand, higher fuel prices and the bubble agreements we may see prices rise from what is already a high level.  For this reason, if you are planning a trip from Canada to India this year it would make a lot of sense to book early to lock in your price.

With the rules and restrictions still in place for travel to India, our greatest hope for cheap India flights this year will be a removal of the travel bubble.  The travel bubble had been initially set up to control COVID cases and has severely restricted the number of flights that can operate internationally.

We had hoped with COVID numbers dropping dramatically the government in India would open up commercial services to allow airlines to decide what made the most business sense.  Unfortunately, this has not happened and may not happen for the foreseeable future.  With the Indian government controlling what airlines can fly it will increase the cost of all international flights to and from India.

Many carriers are looking forward to adding additional flights which would increase the number of available seats and thereby reducing prices.  There is also hope that if the Indian government continues to keep the travel bubbles going that many more countries and their respective airlines will apply and receive approval to start flights.  While this option would be helpful, it would still allow some relief to find a cheap flight to India this year.

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For those customers looking to travel soon or in the new next few weeks, the Air Canda flight from Toronto to Delhi is still very popular.  While this flight is quite expensive the convenience of travelling on a direct flight and with the high level of service Air Canda provides is proving that is what India travellers are looking for!

To purchase this flight leaving in March and returning in June will cost around $1,930.  If you are OK stopping in both directions on your flight from Toronto to India, there are significant savings to be had.  KLM and Air France have a combination that routes through Paris on the outbound and Amsterdam on the return for only $1,235.  For many, it makes sense to take the longer route especially if they are travelling in small groups or family.

For Vancouver to India flights the direct Air Canada flight and the direct Air India flight have the highest number of bookings.  Both of these airlines are offering direct service to India, but the Air Canada flight currently has to stop on the outbound due to the ongoing closure of Russian airspace.

The Air Canada flight is available from $1,870, but once again, stopping en-route to India will allow you to find big savings.  The Air France & KLM combination is available for only $1,320.  This route is being booked by some passengers, but many still have some fears of stopping in a 3rd country which means they are leaving money on the table.

Overall, the news to secure a cheap India flight this year is looking like it might be difficult again.  We are extremely hopeful that the Indian government will recognize how this impacts their citizens and travellers from Canada and the rest of the world.  Hopefully, the travel bubble will be removed soon and this will provide significant savings so you can once again get a cheap flight to India.

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