Will New Restrictions Impact Your India Flight?

If you are looking for Cheap India Flights from Canada, we at Bains Travel are doing our best to keep you updated on any changes in this important travel market.  As new restrictions have once again become part of the conversation, the booking trend for flights to India has dropped off since the end of last month.

While the reduction in booking would normally have a strong impact on reducing fares, both Air Canada & Air India have decided to keep prices at high levels for the time being.  In addition, with so many travellers already booked on the direct flight from Vancouver or Toronto to India, there are few seats available over the next number of weeks.  While the impact of the new variant has changed the number of bookings, it has not yet increased your ability to get a cheap India flight.

In other India flight news this week, the Indian government has decided to extend the travel bubbles with various governments until at least January 31st of next year.  While we were hopeful the travel bubbles would end this month they will exist for a few more weeks at a minimum.  Once these bubble agreements expire it will greatly impact your ability to get a cheap India flight again as there will be many more options to travel to India from Canada.

One new flight option that will work for some customers who want to save some money is to fly via Dubai where flights are cheaper.  We have recently partnered with a team in the United Arab Emirates that will secure all the necessities to allow you to stay in Dubai and ensure that you can get tested promptly!

The package that we will secure on your behalf will include private car transfer, hotel arrangements, city tours and your COVID test.  Even with all of these inclusions and an amazing stop-over in a 1st class city, you can still save money as the demand on this route is much lower than Canada to India direct flights! 

Using this route via Dubai will definitely add time to your return trip, but if you looking to get a cheap India flight and a have sightseeing trip of Dubai thrown in, it is an option worth looking into.

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    Cheap India Flights - Rishikesh
    Cheap India Flights - Sunset

For those passengers who are departing from Toronto to India, we see most of the traffic booked for dates in February and returning in early April as this is the only place where prices are a bit lower.

If you want to purchase the direct flight on Air Canada from Toronto to Delhi, the fare is currently around $2,350.  If you want to save a few dollars you can look at purchasing the Air India direct flight for $2,180.

Overall prices are still very high on the direct flight from Toronto, but that may change if the demand does not pick up as both carriers do not want empty seats.  In addition, if the rules change and there is more flexibility around travel to India, then both carriers will have to lower the fares to deal with increased competition.

If you are flying from Vancouver to Delhi, most passengers are booking late in Winter and return early in Spring.  Many clients are opting to take Air Canada, but there is a significant number also booking the Air India direct flight to New Delhi.

Right now, a round trip ticket on the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi will cost around $2,475, or the Air India flight is available for $2,300.  Overall, the vast majority of clients going to India will be taking the safe route of direct flights even though they are expensive, they continue to be the best option.

Flying to India this year continues to be an expensive proposition but there are so many in our community who have made the financial sacrifice to be with friends and family again.  As the year is coming to a close most are surprised at the number of passengers who were willing to pay for their flight, giving up their ability to get a cheap India flight in 2021.

We are all hopeful that this is the final year that restrictions will be in place thereby artificially raising prices, but the one thing that we are certain of is that there is nothing that will stand in the way of the increasing strong bond between Canada & India.

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