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Gorakhpur district shares it’s borders with Nepal and includes places like Deoria, Basti, and Azamgarh  It is here that the Aryan culture and civilization flourished. Gorakhpur is one of sixteen Mahajanapadas (states) that existed in India from the 6th century BC. A chain of rulers sat on the throne of Gorakhpur. This historical place boasts quite a few Tourist Attractions which include:

  • Archaeological Museum: One of the most famous museums in Gorakhpur.
  • Arogya Mandir: is one of the very reputed wellness centers in Gorakhpur. In this health rejuvenation camp body and mind related ailments are treated following natural curative methods and yoga in their original form.
  • Commerce Museum: is entirely dedicated to the upliftment of education in Gorakhpur.
  • Gorakhnath Temple: This district in Uttar Pradesh is named after Gorakhnath Math which was built to honor the place where Gorakhnathji practiced his austerity.
  • Gita Press: Located in Gorakhpur, Gita Press was founded in 1923 by Divine inspiration to spread the teachings of Gita.
  • Puratva Sanghralaya: Has immense religious significance. It is situated on the banks of River Rohini and Rapti. It attracts pilgrims and tourists in hordes annually. It showcases many priceless objects which bear testimony to the richness of the country. The Museums in Gorakhpur displays India’s heritage at its best!
  • Monuments in Gorakhpur: You will find many temples to visit in Gorakhpur.
  • Museums in Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur is a place well worth a visit by the tourists, as the museums in Gorakhpur are known to be very special.

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