Air India Has Started Flying It’s Newest Planes!

If you need to find cheap India flights you have come to the right place where we update you on India flight news and Canada to India flights.  There have once again been rumblings due to the Prime Minister’s comments in the past few days that there is potential for direct service from Vancouver or Toronto to Amritsar, Punjab, India.  While politicians have been bringing up this busy new route for decades it has unfortunately never come to fruition. 

With the Russian airspace closed to Canadian airlines the only company that could provide this type of service would most likely be Air India which does not answer to Canadian politicians.  If a direct service from Canada to Amritsar was started it would be extremely popular no matter who is providing that service. With the arrival of Air India A350, there is a small chance it could happen in the next few years as they will be looking for the most profitable routes with that aircraft which could make the long journey.

Speaking of the A350, Air India has finally decided to move its first one to the Dubai to Delhi route to compete directly against Emirates Airlines.  While this is the first of many as they start to come into service you will find Air India able to offer cheap India flights.  In addition, as they get more comfortable with their new flight, they will be able to roll them out to the final destination with increased speed.  We are very hopeful that Canada will receive them at some point, but it might take a few more years.

Even if Canada does not receive a new Airbus on the very busy Vancouver to Delhi or Toronto to Delhi route, by the end of 2025 all of the existing long-haul aircraft on Air India will be re-furbished which will greatly enhance the travel experience.  While the new aircraft generally would not mean cheap India flights, the fact that these new planes will burn much less fuel should allow Air India to reduce prices on the Canada to India routes.

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For the Toronto to Delhi market, there is a new entrant who seems like they will be competing heavily this fall.  Ethiopian Airways via Addis Ababa now has connections to New Delhi from Toronto.  Right now, you can find a cheap India flight for only $1770 this fall.  While the route does have a relatively long layover in Africa, you will be happy to know that Ethiopian Airways is providing a free stopover hotel so you can relax in comfort and stretch your legs on the stops in both directions.  This service is something that not too many carriers provide anymore so it is a great perk.

If you are one of those who are looking for the most convenience instead of the cheap flight to India, you can purchase a ticket on Air India’s direct service from Toronto to Delhi for only $1990 or if you prefer Air Canada you will have a pay more as they are offering prices of $2700 as Air Canada always has more demand for their flights as compared to Air India.

Customers departing from Vancouver to New Delhi continue to enjoy cheap India flights on Air India’s direct service.  With prices starting below $1800 they are the only game in town when it comes to departures from Vancouver.  Air India’s real competition is with the Seattle to Delhi market as there are plenty of cheap India flight options on that route. Right now, you can find prices that start from only $1160 which is a cheap India flight.  You will need to drive over the border but at that price it probably makes sense.

Once again if you are planning now is the time to book your India travel before the booking season heats up.  You can secure a cheap flight to India now, but it will be difficult in a few months.

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