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The city of Toronto is Canada biggest city, and is affectionately known as the center of the Universe due to its importance to the country.  This city has multiple airports but its major international one is Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) named after former prime minister Lester B. Pearson.  The airport is very important to the city and the country as a whole, and it functions as Air Canada’s primary hub.  The airport also hosts the largest number of carriers in the country which is why it serves so many India flights.  The large number of flights makes it easy to find cheap India flights with the help of your Bains Travel consultant.

Below are details of most of the airlines currently flying to India from Toronto offering Cheap India Flights.  The list below does include information about schedules and cities.  As this information changes constantly, it is extremely important to check with your Bains Travel agent to get the most up-date details.

Air Canada (AC)

Air Canada provides direct service to both New Delhi (DEL) and Mumbai, formally known as Bombay (BOM) to India.  The Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi takes about 14 hours while the flight to Bombay is closer to 15 hours.  Non-stop flights have significant advantages as you do not have to stop so you have a shorter total flying time. However, it does come as a cost as this flight is usually a bit more expensive than other options.

Air Canada provides a direct flight to India using its state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner and it is an extremely popular option. One drawback to flying Air Canada is that it only provides one free checked piece of luggage, as opposed to two like most other carriers flying to India.

If you are unable to get on the direct flight, Air Canada has many other options with its many code share partners out of Toronto, primarily Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss and United.

Even though Air Canada already has great service and schedule for India they still act very aggressively on pricing so you can still find cheap India flights on our national carrier.

British Airways (BA)

British Airways provides service to India via its hub of London Heathrow (LHR) in London, Great Britain.  The flag carrier of England has been flying to Toronto for many decades and is a very popular option for India.  Currently British Airways is flying two flights per day from Toronto to London and flies to the cities of New Delhi (DEL), Mumbai formally Bombay (BOM), Bangalore (BLR), Chennai (MAA), Hyderabad (HYD) and Kolkata (CCU).

With multiple flights from Toronto to many cities in India, British Airways is a great choice for any traveller.  Currently it takes about 16 and ½ hours to travel from Toronto to Delhi with a short stop in London.  Of course, if you are travelling to other cities in India the schedule will be different.  It might also be a good idea to consider stopping in London one of the world’s great cities, but beware there is an extra tax to be paid when spending more than 24 hours in the city.

British Airways tends to have great sales at certain points during the year, offering cheap flights to India as they understand it is a very important market for them.

Lufthansa (LH)

Lufthansa also provides excellent service to India at great prices.  They currently have two hubs operating out of the German cities of Munich (MUC) and Frankfurt (FRA).  With multiple hubs they provide a significant number of schedule combinations, this might mean you have to take a longer route but if you are flexible you have a great opportunity for a cheap ticket to India.  Right now, Lufthansa flies to New Delhi (DEL), Mumbai formally Bombay (BOM), Bangalore (BLR), Chennai (MAA), Hyderabad (HYD) and Pune (PNQ).

As Lufthansa has great code share agreements with its partner carriers the shortest flight time combination is actually with Air Canada to Frankfurt, and then Lufthansa to Delhi with a total time of 17 and ½ hours.

Pricing on Lufthansa is heavily coordinated with Air Canada because of their joint venture agreement over the Atlantic.  Overall, they are very competitive and offer great flight deals to India at certain points of the year.  In addition, their large carrier group and star alliance partners offer maximum flexibility on schedules especially when you need to change your date.

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    Cheap Flights Toronto To India - Lufthansa

Air India (AI)

Air India is the national flag carrier of India and they provide direct service from Toronto to Delhi.  The flying time is similar to what Air Canada offers.  As they provide a non-stop flight and also have many connections within India, they are a great option.  If you are looking to connect to a smaller Indian city such as Amritsar or Jaipur, they can provide a great air ticket price.  In addition, they also provide service via connection points like London with their code-share partner Air Canada.

Air India and Air Canada compete heavily on the direct service, and because Air India is not our national carrier, they may offer cheaper India pricing.  In terms of customer service Air Canada usually has the upper hand, but Air India does offer two free pieces of checked luggage which is a major point of difference.

When looking for Toronto to India flights Air India is definitely a good option that must be looked at very carefully, especially if you are planning a short trip or need arrive very quickly.

Cathay Pacific (CX)

Cathay Pacific is the major carrier operating out of Hong Kong (HKG), China.  They are very strong in the Indian market, and have offered service there for many decades.  Currently Cathay flies to of New Delhi (DEL), Mumbai formally Bombay (BOM), Chennai (MAA), Hyderabad (HYD) and Kolkata (CCU).

As the flight time from Toronto to Hong Kong is quite long, this route is not very popular for India flights. However, if you want to check out the city of Hong Kong or do business on the way, Cathay Pacific is a very good option.  If you do fly on Cathay Pacific you can expect a total flying time of 34 hours with a 12-hour layover in Hong Kong.  While 12 hours might be a long time to spend in airport, it does give you time to check-out the bustling metropolis.

If you have never been to Hong Kong and are planning a trip to Delhi or India, Cathay Pacific could be a great option as they have amazing service and they will also provide cheap airfare.

China Eastern (MU)

China Eastern Airlines is large Chinese carrier with a significant hub in the financial center of Shanghai, China.  China Eastern’s only destination in India is New Delhi.  As it is a relative new comer to the Toronto Airport and has long flight time, prices to India are very cheap!  The total flying time from Toronto to Delhi on China Eastern is around 23 hours including a 3-hour layover. However, stopping in Shanghai for a few days to check out the city is a good idea for little cost.  If you are travelling in a large family this is great option as they try be the lowest priced option to India out of Toronto.

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China Southern (CZ)

China Southern Airline is another large Chinese carrier who’s major hub city is Guangzhou.  The city itself is very industrial, but it also offers many cultural opportunities.  Due to the fact that Guangzhou is a very long flight from Toronto the price to India is cheap.  China Southern tends to offer some of the best deals to India because the flight times are not always very convenient.  The airline also offers two free checked bags, so if you are looking for a very good value, this airline is a good option.

Korean Airlines (KE)

Korean Airlines is a large carrier whose hub city is Seoul, South Korea.  The airline prides itself on a high level of service.  The city of Seoul is also a beautiful place to stopover for a few days, also on long layovers the airport provides free city tours to get taste of what it is all about.  Korean Airlines flies to both Bombay and Delhi from Seoul.  Currently there is a good connection for Bombay, but a very long layover for Delhi.  Overall, the flight to Seoul is quite long, but if you want to catch a glimpse of what Korea has to offer it is a perfect way to see the country on your way to India.

United Airlines (UA)

United Airlines is an interesting option for travel to India.  Currently they provide direct service to Delhi out of their hubs in New York, Newark (EWR) and San Francisco (SFO).  While the flights from both of these cities are very long, they are a short hop from Toronto.  Once again United is part of the joint venture agreement with Air Canada and Lufthansa so the pricing is very similar across the entire group.  Using United Airlines provides you with the added flexibility of pricing within the group.  For example, you may take the flight via San Francisco on your outbound flight and catch the direct flight with Air Canada on the return.

By mixing and matching your inbound and outbound options you can find a great combination of schedule and price.  These types of combinations can be complex to discover on your own which is just another reason to work with an India specialist.

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Emirates (EK)

Emirates is the main international carrier from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Emirates has made a name for itself as a high service, luxury carrier.  They offer service to many destinations in India (Ahmedabad (AMD), Bengaluru (BLR), Chennai (MAA), Delhi (DEL), Hyderabad (HYD), Kochi (COK), Kolkata (CCU), Mumbai (BOM) and Trivandrum (TRV).  Emirates is actually one the largest service providers to India.  As Emirates flies to many 2nd tier cities, they are an extremely popular option.  Rather than flying into Bombay or Delhi you can travel directly into a city like Trivandrum directly from Dubai.

As the Toronto – Dubai route is very popular and only runs three times per week, pricing can be very high as compared to other airlines.  If you are planning to stop in Dubai and shop or see the sites it makes a lot of sense to use Emirates.  Due to its popularity it is important that you book early with them as their flights tend to be very full.


KLM is the national carrier of the Netherlands with their hub city being Amsterdam.  KLM is a great option for cheap tickets from Toronto to Delhi.  With low taxes in Amsterdam, KLM is able to pass on low prices to India onto their travelers.  Their schedule allows you to arrive in about 20 hours into Delhi and they also offer two free bags.  Finally, with their partnership with Air France you can mix and match flights through Paris.  KLM is known for a high level of service but they also offer competitive prices to India.

Air France (AF)

Air France is the major carrier operating out Paris with flights to both Canada and India.  From Paris, Air France operates to Delhi (DEL), Mumbai (BOM), Chennai (MAA) and Bangalore (BLR).  Currently the connection in Paris is very short at only two hours.  This provides you the ability to get in and out of Paris quickly, but not have to rush to your next flight to India.  Air France is part of the SkyTeam alliance that includes KLM so you can mix and match flights here as well.  You can combine their flights very easily with flights via Amsterdam.  Air France also provides two free bags to India which helps to cut down the cost if you have a lot of luggage to bring back and forth.


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    Cheap Flights Toronto To India - Air France

LOT Airlines (LO)

LOT Airlines is the national carrier of Poland with a hub in Warsaw.  They are a relative new comer to Toronto.  Currently their total flight time to India from Toronto on LOT is 25 hours.  This includes a stop of 8 hours.  While the stop is on the longer side, it gives you able time to see a few of the sites in Poland.  In addition, due their newness they are very aggressive when it comes to pricing.  They also offer two free pieces of checked luggage which always helps.  As they are not part of any joint venture alliance you will need to stick with the same route in both directions.  One significant benefit to using LOT is that they operate a 787 Dreamliner on both the flight to Toronto and to Delhi.  If you are looking to find a cheap price to India combined with a solid schedule and service LOT is an option needs to be carefully looked at.

Ukrainian International Airlines (PS)

UAI is the national carrier of the Ukraine with its hub city being Kyiv.  UAI is new to Toronto and Delhi so they are extremely competitive on pricing.  The have the lowest airfare from Toronto to Delhi at many points during the year.  Currently the total flight time on UAI is 20 hours.  The layover in Kyiv in only 4 hours which is enough time to get a bite to eat and stretch your legs before your onward journey.  Ukrainian also offers two free checked bags and uses a Dreamliner from Toronto to Kiev.  When combining both price and schedule Ukrainian International Airlines is one of the best options for Toronto to Delhi.

Etihad (ET)

Etihad is another airline based in the United Arab Emirates whose hub city is Abu Dhabi.  The carrier’s service level is similar to Emirates but a bit lower.  Also, they are a newer carrier so their network of flights to India is not as substantial as their nearest competitor.  Over the past few years Etihad has been very aggressively pricing flights to Delhi from Toronto.  At many times during the year they have had the cheapest price to India.  As they only fly three times per week to Toronto, it is very important that you book early if you want the lowest price to India.

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As you can see there is a wide variety of options to fly from Toronto to India.  In order to determine your best option for pricing and schedule, it is always best to work with a Bains Travel agent.  Remember we offer fares that you cannot find anywhere else, and will always be there to support to you if you have any issues before during or after your travels!

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.  Contact us at 1.844.847.9703 to speak with one of our agents, or fill out the form below and one of our India Experts will get back to shortly!

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