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Cheap India Flights 1.23 | Starting from only $579!

With one week behind with new quarantine in place, people are starting to get used to the process. While there have been many issues getting through to book your hotel there have been some recent improvements in this area. For instance, in Vancouver 2 hotels are now available to be booked online and there are a total of 12 hotels available to be booked.

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A Shrine to Gandhi | An Memorable Stop on an India Tour

Mahatma Gandhi is known as one of the great leaders in history. During the colonial rule of the British, he began protesting for self-government. His legacy is the non-violent means by which he helped India gain independence from the British. Gandhi’s peaceful campaign inspired civil rights movements around the world, which is why he is regarded as such an important figure in world history.

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Cheap India Flights 1.22 | Starting from only $599!

For those customers who are still outside of Canada the big question this week is how much does it cost for a hotel quarantine and how does that impact my ability to secure a cheap India flight? While the cost of the hotel is very expensive it is currently lower than the $2000 that had been predicted by the Prime Minister.

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Lodhi Gardens | Escape the Stress of the Bustling New Delhi

While on your India Tour in the city of New Delhi there is an extreme impact of sights and sounds that enter your senses constantly. Entering Lodhi gardens is an escape from all the hustle and bustle that is the city. Taking a stroll in this beautiful park will take your mind off a busy India tour and allow you reset to enjoy the rest of this magical country.

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Cheap India Flights 1.21 | Starting from only $579!

If you are looking to find Cheap India flights, they are still available but do not attempt to fly back before February 22nd. The new government-mandated quarantine comes into effect on February 22nd so there are very limited seats to return to Canada to avoid it. The federal government has been warning for some time that there will be new rules and now the date of commencement has been set.

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