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During the past couple of weeks, the number of bookings to India continues to rise.  There are two very specific reasons this is happening.  First the availability of cheap India flights is better than it has ever been.  Flying on the Air Canada direct flight to India is almost as low as it was when the service first started.  In addition to the cheap flights to India on Air Canada, the COVID caseload in India has seen a dramatic downturn from where it was only a few weeks ago.  As the fall and winter set in and COVID cases are going up in Canada, some Indians have decided to make their yearly journey to India.

While India is welcoming OCI cardholders they are still not issuing tourist visa’s so if you are a Canadian citizen without an OCI you must get an emergency visa.  Air Canada and & Air India are both being extremely aggressive when it comes to with pricing and service when it comes to India passengers as both airlines know that that overall, there is very few passengers to find.

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If you are looking to travel to India from Toronto your best option is always the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi.  If you want to use the Air Canada direct flight you can find a one-way price from as low as $699.  If you need to find a one-way flight from India to Toronto pricing is a little higher at $719.  If you are looking to be away for all the cold Canadian winter you can purchase a round trip flight on Air Canada from only $1099.  As everyone knows this will be a cold and dark winter in Toronto so it may be a great idea to get away for a warm trip to India rather than be stuck in the snow and rain.

Out of Vancouver pricing for cheap India flights is almost exactly the same as Toronto.  You can find one-way pricing on the Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi for only $719 or if you want to buy the direct flight one way from Delhi to Vancouver you will probably be looking at a price of around $799.  If you are one of the lucky ones who can escape the Canadian winter for the next few months you will be able to fly on the Air Canada direct service leaving right away and coming back in early 2021 for only $1139.

Normally pricing on the Air Canada direct service from either Vancouver or Toronto at this time of year would be almost $1700.  While many people are unable to travel due to work or because they are fearful of travel during the pandemic for the rest, you can take advantage pricing that will surely never come back.  If you want to go to India this is the best year to secure your cheap India flight!

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