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With the federal election being called in the past few weeks, we will likely have to wait until it has been completed for the flight ban to be removed.  While everyone is looking forward to that day, there are still many India flights being booked for the fall and winter as there as too many people that are missing friends and family.

With the ban in place, it gives a great opportunity to find Cheap India Flights that would normally not be available.  In addition, the overall relaxing of rules is giving confidence to airlines to restart service.  British Airways has just announced an increase in their schedule for September from Vancouver which means those extra seats need to fill!

One of the ways that British Airways will be using to fill their flights is cheap tickets to India.  Of course, the Air Canada direct flight to India is always the most popular option, as there is a definite expectation of the flight ban being removed once the election is over.

In other news India flight news, Canadian citizens who are fully vaccinated can now travel on Lufthansa via Frankfurt.  Most, if not all Canadians will be fully vaccinated the next time they fly so if they choose this option via Germany, they can get their negative COVID test in Frankfurt on their return from India.  This means you do not have to take a long expensive route via a 3rd country like Mexico to get back to Canada. 

This route will option will make a huge difference to Canadians even if the flight ban remains on the books.  Finally, the Lufthansa option via Frankfurt is available at a very low price, making it a great option for an India flight this fall or winter.

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For those looking to travel from Toronto to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight prices have gone up!  Air Canada is looking to charge more for those who want the convenience of the direct flight, especially during the pandemic.  Right now, if you purchase a ticket for late in the fall you will be looking at almost $1,650 round-trip.  The one-way price on the same Air Canada direct flight to Delhi is $899.

Most people will be looking to purchase a cheap India flight and there are a lot of opportunities to do just that.  One of the best options will be flying on British Airways for only $999.  Whatever your plans are, this year there will be cheap India flights available from Toronto as long as you avoid the Air Canada direct flight.

From Vancouver, you will find similar flight options and prices for India flights.  Air Canada is once again looking to make some money for the convenience they offer on the direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi.  Prices in the late fall will start at around $1550.  There are also one-way flights starting from $849.

One-way flights to India are proving to be quite popular due to the inconsistency in government rules regarding India.  Out of Vancouver the United Airlines flight via San Francisco has been very popular and has been available at a great price, but now that British Airways has committed to fly from Vancouver again, we will see traffic move in that direction.  British Airways has their flights starting from $999 via London, and right now they have plenty of space.  In a normal situation, the price would be close to $1,600 by this point in the summer.  Once again if you are looking to secure a cheap flight to India, this is the year to do it.

For anyone looking to find the cheapest flights to India, this is the year to book.  We know the government flight ban has made it more difficult to travel back and forth and the COVID pandemic, in general, has greatly reduced demand.  Airlines are ready to get back to business so to get travellers back in the air they are offering prices unheard of only a couple of years ago.  If you are planning to travel to India it is of utmost importance that you work with a travel agency you can trust.  This year the pandemic will, unfortunately, play a role with your travel booking so it makes it even more important to have someone who can answer all of your questions and secure your cheap India flight.

We are always hopeful that the situation will finally change and everyone will be able to get see family and friends again.  If you are want to find see last week’s cheap India flight blog, please click here and remember Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flights or India tours!

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