Mumbai – A Place of Money, A Place to Party!

The city of Mumbai, formally known as Bombay has a rich history. Due to its position in the Arabian Sea, it has a mix of many great cultures and people. The city has played an important part in India’s recent history since it began as a Portuguese colony centuries ago. Now with the incredible growth of the city and India in general is has become one of the great metropolises in the world. Home to major finance, entertainment and IT companies it is one of the most important cities in India. The financial and commercial influence has brought a great number of citizens to its shores. The large population allows it to offer some of the great attractions in India that cater to those looking for a place steeped in history or those just looking to get out and have some fun. Whatever your reason for going to India, Bombay is a place that cannot be missed.

As part of any India tour, you can use Mumbai as your home base for getting around to other parts of India or spend the majority of your tour in and around this great city.  The city of Mumbai originally consisted of seven separate islands and has been settled since at least the 3rd century BCE. The many islands provided many natural fishing grounds which allowed early settlers a bounty of resources. In more recent history the Mughal Empire controlled Mumbai and most of India until 1535 when the Portuguese empire took control of the city. Many of the Portuguese influences are still evident today, but their rule did not last long as the British soon moved in to take over the strategically important city. During the rule of the British, the 7 islands making up the city were eventually combined with the massive Hornby Vellard engineering project. Completed in 1784 this undertaking along with land reclamation projects allowed Bombay to become the single landmass that we recognize today. In modern times Mumbai is one of the largest and important cities in India connecting India through its massive port to drive growth in this massive country.

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Today Mumbai is the 7th most populous city in the world with an estimated 20 million residents. It is the largest and most diverse economic driver of India with almost 50,000 millionaire residents and a large number of billionaires as well. As home to finance and industry, many of the country’s leading commercial enterprises use Bombay as their headquarters. The city thrives in entertainment, banking, information technology, insurance and of course the ports provide a significant source of GDP to the city. Being on the Arabian sea with great connections to Africa via the Suez Canal many Indian goods flow through Mumbai making their way all around the planet.  The massive port system has allowed this great city to join the ranks as one of the most important trading centers on the planet. Mumbai is also known as Bollywood around the world thanks to the massive number of film and television productions created in the city each year. The diverse city of Mumbai is growing by leaps and bounds with its young workforce proving energy and life to help fulfil India’s massive potential.

When touring the city of Mumbai there are a great number of sites to see. The fact that it was settled so many centuries ago and being conquered by many diverse groups has allowed this city to have an interesting history. Along with its old story, the new businesses and economic growth provide all of the modern comforts and sites associated with many of the world’s cities. When you are in Bombay on a city tour or part of an India tour there are many beautiful places to visit, here is a list of 10 of the top attractions to see while you are here:

When in Bombay on a tour of India, the economic strength of the city is evident. The importance of this city to India is all around when looking at the modern skyline and historical sites. With influences from Mughal, Portuguese and British empires Mumbai fits perfectly into a modern India. The economic might and diverse industrial base have allowed Mumbai to grow into its role as one of the world’s most important cities. The massive port complex and world-renowned Bollywood studios make this city a perfect combination of serious work during and unbridled fun at night! When on an India tour Mumbai is a must-see as it has some of the most recognizable sites in the country and provides a great home base to connect to many other important cities in India. Mumbai is a must-see on any tour of India and Bains Travel can help you organize any trip to this amazing place!

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