The Benefits of All Inclusive Travel

Pioneered by Belgian entrepreneur Gérard Blitz, the very first all-inclusive resort opened on the Spanish island of Majorca in 1950.  Although an entirely new concept in leisure travel, the impressive resort quickly gained notoriety in post-war Europe for its utopian appeal and luxurious atmosphere.  Today, the all-inclusive concept has grown from a single resort in the Mediterranean to a network of thousands in exotic locales across the globe.  Offering travellers a countless array of benefits, it comes as no surprise that all inclusive holidays have become one of the largest growing leisure travel segments in the world.

“Our purpose in life is to be happy. The place to be happy is here. The time to be happy is now” – Gérard Blitz

Affordable Luxury

Whether you dream of the tropical shores of Mexico or the exotic forests of Bali, all-inclusive resorts offer travellers a truly luxurious experience at affordable rates.  Boasting heavenly locations, opulently decorated rooms, glittering pools, exciting on-property activities and incredible dining options, everything you need for the perfect holiday is right outside your door.  With all-inclusives including accommodation and most dining and activity options in the price, you can enjoy five-star luxury without breaking the bank.


Unfortunately, some of the most stunning destinations in the world are located in countries you wouldn’t want to travel freely about.  By choosing an all-inclusive style holiday, travellers can experience all the beauty and fun of these exciting destinations without having to focus on safety.  Enclosed in access controlled and security patrolled estates, most resorts also offer transfers to and from airports and off-site activities, secure rooms and even on-site medical facilities so their guests can relax and enjoy their holiday without having to worry about what could go wrong.


When you book an all-inclusive holiday, the price you pay usually includes flights, transfers, accommodation, some meals as well as taxes and levies.  By paying up-front, travellers don’t have to fuss with foreign currencies, wallets and credit cards while on holiday, and are also insulated from any price fluctuations that may occur between when they book and when they travel.  In addition, most resorts offer concierge services to assist with coordinating and paying for any additional activities.  So, you can confidently book extras like a round of golf or catamaran cruise from a trusted source.

Incredible Amenities

When you couple the advantages of safety, convenience and incredible global locations all together, travellers have a winning recipe for a relaxing and fun holiday.   Today, the utopian concept brought to life by Gerard Blitz in the 1950’s has been expanded upon, offering travellers more incredible ways in which to relax and enjoy their hard earned holiday. With modern amenities like world-class spa facilities, state of the art fitness centres, yoga-studios, tennis courts, sports bars, pools and even jogging trails, all-inclusive resorts are a haven of relaxation and wellness.