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Looking for a cheap flight to India this year?  It is always best to work with a travel agent who knows this market better than anyone else.  Bains Travel has been the longest-serving travel agency dedicated to the India travel business in Canada. 

Our Mississauga travel agency serves the entire Ontario area, with a specific focus on helping our customers in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.  As Ontario is Bains Travel’s newest market our Mississauga location is fully supporting his large geographic area over the phone and in person.

The Vancouver travel agency serves primarily the Vancouver market, Burnaby and Richmond.  As this location has been a mainstay on Fraser Street since the 60’s it is a well-known storefront that has always dedicated itself to serving Canada to India flight traffic.

The Surrey travel agency is our busiest location due to the large number of Indian immigrants living in the city.  Our large staff in this particular office handles a significant volume of business including a large amount of walk-in traffic.

Our Abbotsford travel agency is our newest location in British Columbia and services its home market in addition to the Eastern Fraser Valley.  As the population in this area continues to grow, we expect this office to become our second busiest location over the coming years.

Customers who are looking to buy a cheap flight to India over the next few months from Toronto are mainly looking at direct flights with Air India as it is now the cheaper option as compared to Air Canada.

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Air India flights from Toronto to India are available from $3100 this winter with the Air Canada direct flight option coming in higher at $3275.  For those customers looking to buy a cheap flight to India from Toronto your best bet, this week is to fly on Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi.  The flight with Etihad will come in around $2540.

Passengers looking to buy a flight from Vancouver to Delhi are once again sticking very close to Air India this year.  With complete control of the direct service business on this busy route, prices are unfortunately very high.  India customers looking to buy a flight with Air India this winter are looking at prices close to $2850.  As most people want options to save money there are different routes with a stop that will provide you access to a cheap flight to India.

Right now, the cheapest option for a flight from Canada to India this winter is with United Airlines via Chicago, although there is a long wait on the return it is proving to be quite successful as customers are looking for any method to save money.

Anyone looking to purchase a cheap India flight this year has been somewhat disappointed that prices remain stubbornly high.  As demand from India to Canada is very strong due to large numbers of students coming in this direction it is impacting the ability of Canadians to travel in the other direction.   With prices in this range, we may start to see some destruction of demand which will inevitably lead to lower prices than we are all hoping for.

Are you looking for last week’s update? You can find it here! Don’t forget Bains Travel is your go-to place for any India flight, India tour or Sikh Destination WeddingIf you booked your India flight online you probably paid too much! Remember we have wholesale fares that we cannot advertise online! Travelling from Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg or anywhere else in Canada to India we have been doing it longer and better than anyone else!  After almost 75 years in business serving the Indo-Canadian community, we have the knowledge to make any vacation the trip of a lifetime!

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