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This week, if you are looking to buy a cheap ticket to India now is the right time to make a decision.  With fuel costs soaring and airline fuel surcharges beginning to increase it looks like it will be difficult to get a cheap India flight if you book at the last minute.  We are seeing more bookings every day for the fall season as many customers understand that they need to lock in their air ticket price to Delhi today.  In addition, those customers who are regularly checking prices hoping they have decreased are sometimes in for a shock as the prices may have already gone up.  Many people are used to waiting until a few weeks before their departure to get an amazing seat sale price on their ticket from Canada to India, unfortunately, the way the economy is trending along with flight restrictions from China it will most likely be difficult to get a cheap India flight at the last moment.  In the past, many airlines have depended on fall and winter travel to India to keep planes full from North America, but with the high level of early bookings, last-minute seat sales from Canada to India seem unlikely.

For those who do decide to wait there could be some good news as both Singapore Airlines and Korean Airlines may increase their schedules to both Vancouver and Delhi respectively.  If they both decide to add these flights into the fall, this will create another option for flights to India.  While these two airlines will have an impact on the capacity for flights to India it probably will not be enough to lower air ticket prices.  Right now, even though both of these services are very new and have longer connections, they are extremely full with very high prices.

For those hoping that the new services will provide an opportunity for cheap India flights, it is a big risk to take.  While we are hopeful that these carriers will have promotional India ticket prices this fall, it is more likely that customers will jump at the chance to buy an India flight ticket on these new airlines, preventing last-minute seat sales to get a cheap ticket to India.

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Customers travelling from Toronto this fall, are seeing prices very similar to last week. The Air Canada direct flight from Toronto to Delhi will still cost around $2150.  While some customers feel this price is too high, many others are making the purchase which makes it doubtful that prices will drop substantially over the next few weeks.  For customers that want to buy a cheap India flight, the best option remains Air France with prices starting from $1600.  As we see an increase in the number of bookings in the last week, these prices may not remain stable for very long and we are recommending customers to book now and commit to any savings that can be found.

Any customers leaving from Vancouver to India have a similar decision to make as those customers from Eastern Canada.  The Air Canada flights are already costly and people are looking to avoid paying those high prices.  The Air Canada direct flight from Vancouver to Delhi is staring at $2550, but we are seeing customers who are committing to even this high price to avoid changing planes for their flight to India.  Passengers who are ready to buy a ticket but want a cheap ticket price to India as looking at Air France which is only priced at $1600.  While there is potential for prices to go down if other carriers come to Vancouver and increase their schedule, it is looking more and more like there is an even great risk for prices to rise.

Customers who are waiting to buy a cheap ticket to India could be out of luck this year.  With the restrictions in China ongoing and fuel prices rising it is looking more likely that prices could go up from an already high place.  While many customers are surprised that fares to India are already so expensive, it will be unlikely that prices will go down without a significant increase in competition.  In past years many flights from Asia helped bring the air ticket prices to India down, but with COVID restrictions and the war in Ukraine, there are many reasons why prices may rise.  Once again, if you want to buy a cheap ticket to India this year, it makes to buy now, before prices rise even further.

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