Canada to India Bookings Continue Dispute Visa Issue

Customers looking to buy a cheap ticket to India are still travelling despite continuing diplomatic concerns between Canada & India.

As many travellers have been applying for Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards there is still demand for India travel.  While some passengers were unable to secure a visa to fly and have had to cancel their trip, we are still seeing a surprisingly high number of bookings and that is shown in the fact that prices from Canada to India remain relatively high.

This winter both Air India & Air Canada expected to generate significant revenue on their Canada to India direct flights.

Especially Air India from Vancouver as they have such a large competitive advantage.  Both Air Canada & Air India are keeping fares quite high at the moment because they continue to see a significant number of travellers to India.  There was an assumption that because of the suspension of visa issuance bookings would almost completely stop, but the demand for travel from Canada to India remains relatively strong.  The reasons for this are three-fold.  One, many Canadians had booked early and secured their visa before the Indian government announced the suspension.  Two, many Canadians are applying and are successfully getting their OCI cards and three, many Indian citizens in Canada can continue to travel on an Indian passport.  For all of these reasons travel to India remains strong, but the fact that many Canadians will not be able to travel to India unless the diplomatic situation is resolved means cheap India flights for those who can still go.

For customers leaving from Toronto to Delhi this winter Air Canada & Air India continue to take the majority of the traffic.

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Flights on Air Canada will set you back close to $2670 with flights on Air India somewhat cheaper at $2530.  For those who are looking for a cheap flight to Delhi from Toronto, your best option this winter will be to fly via New Jersey on United and then come back via Frankfurt on Lufthansa.  This option is available for only $2100.

Travellers leaving from Vancouver to New Delhi this winter are using the Air India flight in almost 90% of cases.  The advantages provided by Air India are numerous as they have the only operating direct flight and they are also the cheapest India flight in the marketplace.  Is it very rare for an airline to provide the best schedule and the lowest price, but this is the current situation for Vancouver.  Customers looking to buy a cheap flight to India this winter will be looking for $2600.

While we may have assumed that fares to India would fall off a cliff due to the political situation, prices remain relatively stable.

Prices could drop as we get closer to departure dates if Canadians are unable to secure a visa, or it could be the opposite with more Canadians securing an OCI card.  The best-case scenario would be that the dispute is resolved and visas are issued again, but it is extremely difficult to judge when and if that might happen.  At least those who can travel can be satisfied, that they will be able to secure a cheap flight to India!

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