Visa Servies Are Open for Canada to India Flights!

There has been a positive development in the issue between Canada and India this week and for those looking to buy a cheap flight to Delhi.  For those looking to buy a cheap flight to India can now once again apply for a visa!

During the last 30 days, it was difficult to secure a travel document to fly from Canada to India if you did not already have it in place.  Now India has relaxed some restrictions to allow customers to once again secure a visa to India allowing Canadian citizens an opportunity to get to India!

Not all the news is good however, electronic visas remain restricted.  The e-visa is the fastest way to secure a travel document to India and right now as they have not been re-instated, the only way to get a tourist visa is to get through a manual process which takes much longer than the system that was in place earlier.  In addition, only citizens who have ties to India are the only Canadians able to get a visa, those without any family ties, going purely for tourist purposes will not be able to secure a visa.  As the diplomatic concerns seem to be subsiding, we are very hopeful that e-visa’s will also be coming back online which will make a massive difference for those who want to secure a cheap flight to India.

In another positive development, Bains Travel has secured unpublished net fares from Air India!  The unpublished, wholesale nets fares allow us to offer you even cheaper flights to India!  Now with Air India, we can sell below what you may find on the internet saving you money!

While pricing on Air India and all flights from Canada to India continue to have heavy demand, prices are higher than they were in the past, we can at least offer you a discount on what you can find online, this means cheap India flights for you!

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For passengers leaving from Toronto to Delhi this winter, we are finding a small drop in prices.  You can now find flights on Lufthansa and Swiss Air for $1780!

As most customers want to stay on the direct flights Air India is available this winter for $2490 with a 2-bag allowance and Air Canada is available at almost the same price.

It seems like Air Canada has been competing harder in this space over the last few weeks as the fact that Air India is providing a 2nd piece of luggage included in its price will have a massive impact on customers’ buying decisions.  For Toronto to Delhi flights, we are seeing some cheap prices to India available.

Customers departing from Vancouver to India this winter can expect to find prices around $2700 on the Air India direct flights.  With significantly less competition from the West, Air India can charge a higher premium on their direct flight.

While Air India’s price is quite high the time savings because of their direct service demands the higher price.

If you are looking to get a cheap flight to India there is now an option via Seattle, New Jersey and Dubai on the return that is available for only $2000 which is a substantial discount on what Air India is offering, but you will spend must more time making the flight.

Overall, this has been a very good week for those wanting to travel from Canada to India.  The addition of special fares to the marketplace from Air India along with the resumption of some visa services are both positive developments.  If you are looking to buy a cheap flight to India this winter, there is momentum in the market this week.  We are hopeful that it continues and there all plenty of cheap flights to India available.

Do you want to read our last India flight update? You can find it here! Don’t forget Bains Travel is your go-to place for any cheap flight to India, an India tour or Sikh Destination WeddingIf you booked your India flight online you may have paid too much! Remember we have wholesale fares that we cannot advertise online! Travelling from Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg or anywhere else in Canada to India we have been doing it longer and better than anyone else!  After almost 75 years in business serving the Indo-Canadian community, we have the knowledge to make any vacation the trip of a lifetime!

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