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Calgary is one of the two large centers in the province of Alberta.  While it does not have the size of either Toronto or Vancouver it does have a significant Indian population.  The size of the city does not allow a large number of direct flights in general, which means there are less options to fly to Delhi and other cities in India.  While there are less options there are still numerous opportunities to find cheap India flights from Calgary.

The list and details contained here are many of the airlines currently flying to India from Calgary.  It includes information about schedules and cities.  As this information changes constantly, it is extremely important to check with your Bains Travel agent to get the most up-date details for cheap India flights.

Air Canada

Once again Air Canada is your primary resource for great flights to India from Calgary.  While they are usually not the cheapest in the market, they offer great connections.  Air Canada does not offer direct flights from Calgary, but they have a very large number of flights to both Toronto and Vancouver which operate the direct flights to Delhi.

As Air Canada operates the Dreamliner on direct flights to India from Vancouver and Toronto you can be certain you will arrive in Delhi feeling relaxed and refreshed after the long flight.  As there are many connections and a shorter flight, Vancouver is your best bet to get to India quickly from Calgary.  The total flying time with the stop in Vancouver is just about 18 hours, if you were to route through Toronto you would need to add another hour of total flying time.

United Airlines

A new option for Calgary to Delhi flights is United Airlines.  They have recently started direct service from San Francisco to India using a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  In addition, the flight from Calgary to San Francisco is very short and you have multiple flights times as well.  Finally, United Airlines is part or the Star Alliance joint venture agreement with Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss Air & Austrian Airlines.

The major advantage of booking within this group is that you can find a cheap flight to India from Calgary because it doesn’t matter which airline you book.  If our agent finds a low booking class on the San Francisco – Delhi flight on your outbound and then we find something similar on a return via Frankfurt it would be a great way to secure your cheap India flights.


Although Lufthansa does not fly to Calgary they must be included on this list because their partner Air Canada makes the trip to Germany.  So, while you are technically on an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Frankfurt you can still fly Lufthansa to all of the major cities in India.  Lufthansa is also part of the Star Alliance group so pricing will be the same for all of its partner airlines.  To get a cheap flight from Calgary to India with Lufthansa you must be creative and work with an agent to take advantage of multiple routing options.

If you don’t look at different routing options within the Star Alliance group by trying to stick with one airline you will have a tough time getting a cheap flight to Delhi.

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    Cheap India Flights - Calgary To India - Lufthansa
    Cheap India Flights - Calgary To India - United Airlines


Another option for cheap flights to India is KLM.  KLM is much more aggressive than the Star Alliance group because they have to be.  They do not have the flexibility in schedules and options so they have to provide a good price on their own flight.  In addition, they do not fly to Calgary every day of the week which further reduces their advantages against the competition.  Due to their disadvantages with their schedule they do offer cheap flights to India on the days they do fly.

Air China (CA)

Air China is the national carrier of China with its hub being Beijing.  While Air China does not fly to Calgary, they are a popular option because they offer cheap India flights from Vancouver and Air Canada provides a good connecting flight.  As Air China also stops in Beijing the overall flight time is about 26 hours.

Air China is a very popular option out of Calgary not because the schedule is great but because the price to India is so cheap.  If you are travelling with a family or a group Air China may not be the most convenient option but it definitely offer a great price.

China Eastern (MU)

China Eastern Airways is very similar with Air China in terms of price and service but their schedule has a longer layover.  This longer layover does mean you can save even more money on your cheap flight to India.  In addition, this long layover gives you the opportunity to experience the busting city of Shanghai for a short city tour or even a few days stop.  China Eastern is a very popular airline from Calgary because of their low Delhi fares.  If you are looking for the cheapest fares on China Eastern it is best to avoid parts of January and February when Chinese New Year’s is occurring.

China Eastern Airways has a code share agreement with Calgary based airline WestJet.  WestJet provides many flights from Calgary to Vancouver in order to connect to your international flight.  Overall, when flying from Calgary to Delhi it is import to have China Eastern as one of your options.

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    Cheap India Flights - Calgary To India - China Eastern

China Southern Airways (CZ)

China Southern Airways in the third major carrier flying to Canada from China.  While they also do not fly to Calgary, they need a mention here because they have some of the cheapest flights from Vancouver to India.  As with China Eastern they also have a codeshare partnership with WestJet, this allows many convenient connections to get on your international flight from Vancouver.  As with Air China and China Eastern their schedule is not convenient when compared with the direct flights offered by Air Canada but they make it up for it with their low low pricing.

If you are not concerned with a short flight time and you only want get the lowest price on your India flights then China Southern is a great option.

Cathay Pacific (CX)

Cathay Pacific is another carrier out of Calgary that connects via Vancouver with its partner WestJet.  With multiple Vancouver and India flights they have a great schedule that allows you to leave in the morning or evening.  Cathay Pacific has always been known for a high level of service worldwide and they do have a better product that their mainland Chinese counterparts.  That higher level of service does come with a higher price point, but Cathay Pacific has had to become more competitive and lowered their price in the last few years as other carriers continue to eat into their India traffic market share.  With convenient schedules, great service and new lower pricing on India flights Cathay Pacific is a smart choice.

Emirates (EK)

Emirates Airlines is the major international carrier out of Dubai, UAE.  While they do not fly to Calgary, they take a significant amount of traffic from the city because of their large number of flights to second tier Indian cities.  If you are not travelling to Delhi or Bombay it is very important you consider the time savings of flying directly into a smaller city rather than change airplanes or travelling by land in India.

Emirates has a very high level of service so they tend to charge more when you compare them with others especially when you look at their schedule.  Currently the best routing options out of Calgary are via Los Angeles or Seattle, from here you connect to Dubai and then on to India.  The total flight time is about 25 hours which is comparable to the Asian carriers but you were probably pay a bit more for the service.  If you are not as concerned with getting the cheapest India flight price from Calgary and you are connecting to a city like Calcutta or Chennai, Emirates might be the right airline for you.

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As Calgary is not the largest city in Canada their options for cheap flights to India depend on their connections to the major hub cities of Vancouver and Toronto.  The prices out of Calgary will always be somewhat higher that you will pay out of Vancouver or Toronto but if you can plan ahead and make sure you Bains Travel agent knows your criteria you can definitely get an amazing price on your India ticket!

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.  Contact us at 1.844.847.9703 to speak with one of our agents, or fill out the form below and one of our India Experts will get back to shortly!

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