Low Fall Prices for India Tickets Creating an Early Buzz

We are exiting what should be the busy booking season for cheap flights to India.  Most passengers are in the middle of their India trips or have already returned home.

As we enter into the Spring many Canadians would rather spend their time here where with our temperate climate rather than face the high temperatures in India.

In addition, the fact that many people do not want to travel to India right now, there is also a huge number of student traffic coming to Canada in the next few months.  This is creating a large imbalance of empty flights on the outbound and full flights on the return.  For example, on the 15th of April, the flight from Vancouver to Delhi on Air India is almost empty with one-way prices available from only $930, but on the same day, the cost to fly from India to Canada is an astounding $2885!  The price to travel from India to Canada is almost 3 times more than the other way around.  This is great news if you need a one-way flight to India or if you want to stay there over the summer, but for most this means that they will not be going to India until the fall.

One change we are seeing this Spring is that customers are already booking for the fall. With cheap India flights available from Toronto and Vancouver to New Delhi, customers have decided to commit early to their India trips.  In years past customers would wait until the last minute and hope for seat sales to get the best price on their flights to India.  Now that the airlines seem to have a better grasp on how to keep their planes full those who book early are finding that they are securing a cheap flight to India.

Passengers flying from Toronto to New Delhi this fall are finding prices for as low as $1650.  A combination of flights with Air France on the outbound and ITA Airways via Rome on the return is an amazing combination to get you a cheap India flight from Toronto.  For those looking for a direct flight, Air India is also offering an amazing price of only $1920.  Considering most customers travelling to India paid closer to $2500 in 2023 we are seeing significant numbers of people from Toronto purchasing their fall flight to India now.

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If you are departing Vancouver to Delhi, the fall is also picking up steam much earlier than usual.  Air India is once again leading the pack with low fares from Vancouver for only $1631.  We have not seen pricing like this for the fall for a long time especially considering Air India is a direct flight and they continue to include two free bags in their air ticket price.  For those who want to book a cheap India flight, if you can fly in early September and are ready to book now, this is an amazing option.  If you are looking to save even more you can fly from Seattle, where you can find prices for only $1300 which is significant savings on the Air India direct flight, but when you include all of the extra travel time, $350 should make up for all the extra added convenience to depart from Vancouver on the Air India direct flight.

As we are outside of the main booking period for Canada to India flight bookings, we have seen a slowdown in the number of requests.

We are seeing a big uptick in passengers already booking for the fall as people want to lock in a cheap flight to India before prices go up.  With all of the issues we had this past season as some people did not get to go to India, they are excited to travel this fall.  As we expect to have an even busier India season this fall than last those who have locked in their cheap ticket to India, may have found the best price in the next 12 months.

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