We Have Past the Peak Travel Period for India 2024

As we have entered into the slow period for India flights from Canada many customers are enjoying the nice Spring weather before they start to think about flights to Delhi or other India destinations for the fall of 2024.

While it has slowed down for new bookings departing in the Spring or Summer, we continue to see many people book for the Fall.  Those who booked in the last two weeks found the cheapest flight to India from Canada for quite some time.  Now, those specific flights on Air India have already started to rise.

In the previous two weeks, Air India has opened their lowest available booking class for departures this September and those who booked locked in their cheap flight to India.  Now, Air India has blocked out those lowest price seats for the entire month as they achieved the number of early bookings they wanted, those who booked today will have to pay a little more than those who booked earlier.  With prices already starting to go up it makes the most sense to lock in your India flights for the Fall now if you can plan 6 months in advance.

There is always a risk when purchasing your ticket to India early as we don’t know if new entrants will enter the lucrative Canada-to-India market.  If a new carrier decides they want to compete on the Vancouver to Delhi or Toronto to Delhi route they will probably come in with seat sale prices to promote a new service.  The only problem with waiting is that in the last 5 years those who have ended up paying more than those who booked far in advance.  While it’s impossible to predict the future, recent history suggests if you want to buy a cheap ticket to India, booking early is best.

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Those who are ready to book early India flights from Toronto this Fall are in luck as Air India has direct flights available from $1861 which is the lowest price they have offered in months.  For those who are dedicated to the Air Canada brand, they are asking for almost $2500 on the same dates.  Air Canada feels that they do not need to compete against Air India for the same passenger or at least this early in the game.  Finally, for those who want to save money on their flight to India, Air France has a great option with ITA Airways that is available from $1674.  This final option is the cheapest flight to India right now, but it may not last as Lufthansa has plans to buy the Italian carrier and if they do, they will fall under the Star Alliance and will not combine with Air France.  Once again if you want a cheap flight to India, this fall it makes sense to plan for the future.

Passengers departing to New Delhi from Vancouver have even better fares than those from Toronto when looking at the direct flight options.  Air India for example has prices from only $1775 on their direct flight.  Or if you are looking for a cheap India flight with a stop you can buy a ticket on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong for only $1715.  As usual, there are many cheap India flight options from Seattle as well, with flights on Virgin Atlantic available from $1300 which is a significant discount on what can be found from Vancouver.  As recent history has shown us, a large number of Canadians are willing to travel south to find the best deal in India and that story will probably hold for the next India travel season.

As we end the main part of the travel and booking season for India flights, we are seeing those who book far in advance securing a great deal on their flight tickets to India.  As we have seen since the end of COVID those who have booked early were able to save significant sums of money while those who booked at the last minute paid more.  We expect this trend to continue and with cheap India flights already available for the fall now is the time to book.

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