All you Need to Know about New Flights Plan From Canada to India

This week on our Cheap India Flights blog there has been no change to the India flight ban, but there are many other issues that have come up over the past few days.  The most important item that people continue to focus on is the India flight ban, but that will not change until at least September 21st, with the federal election happening on September 20th it will be very difficult for a new government to make any changes in 24 hours, so, unfortunately, the India ban may be extended again.

We are very hopeful that whatever government comes to power they will take a hard look at the India flight ban, and determine positive next steps.  With Canada welcoming fully vaccinated tourists from every other country in the world starting from September 7th, it bodes well for the ban to come down.  Once again because of the ban there is ample opportunity to find cheap India flights.  We have seen a significant increase in the number of bookings as people are ready to move on and live their life.

For those looking to secure a cheap ticket to India over the next few weeks, the vast majority are buying one-way tickets and will determine their return at a later date.  Those who are buying a cheap India flight return ticket are usually coming back in December or the New Year as everyone believes the ban will be lifted by then.  There has been a significant change in the past few days as Lufthansa has been stopped from carrying passengers from Canada to India for the rest of September due to the bubble agreement.

The Lufthansa route via Frankfurt was proving to be very popular and those who had booked previously can travel, but no new bookings are allowed.  If you want to travel on this route, you need to book for October now as most likely these flights will be closed for sale in the next few weeks with only existing bookings being honoured.

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Due to the newest issue with Lufthansa, we are very lucky that British Airways is available and they have a significant number of low-priced seats via London to Delhi and other cities in India.  This route has proven to be the most popular option over the last few days.  If you want a one-way ticket to leave immediately you can find a cheap flight to Delhi from Toronto for only $715.  If you want to purchase a round-trip ticket, they are available for only $1,079Prices are slowly starting to creep up as demand is finally rising, so if you are planning to go to India in the next 30 days you need to secure your ticket now to lock in your cheap India flight from Toronto.

Out of Vancouver, the news is very similar to Toronto when looking to buy your cheap India ticket.  Lufthansa has stopped all sales for September so British Airways is the go-to option for cheap India flights.  We are very lucky in Vancouver that British Airways has just resumed service to Vancouver in the last couple of days so they can continue to take passengers to India. From Vancouver, a one-way flight from Vancouver to Delhi will be $705 with quite a few seats available right now, but that could change quickly.  If you are looking for a cheap round-trip India flight British Airways is the one that makes the most sense right now with prices as low as $979.

With summer coming to an end and the Indian festival season fast approaching, we are seeing a large uptick in bookings.  Many people do not want to spend another winter in Canada away from their friends and family in India.  Hopefully once the election in Canada has finished, our government will finally figure out a way to re-connect these two great counties the way most of the world has already done.

We are seeing that even with the Canadian government doing everything in its power to make life difficult for travel between Canada and India the pull is too strong and we are seeing many more people travel than we would have thought only a few weeks ago.  With the lack of options because of the pandemic we expect prices to rise so now is the time to book your cheap India flight!

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