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This week in our cheap India flights blog the big news here in Canada is the pace of the vacations has finally started to pick up!  Most of us now finally know people who have already been vaccinated, or have an appointment to receive a vaccine in the coming days or weeks.  This will not have an immediate impact on travel restrictions, but it is good news nonetheless.

There is a strong likelihood that as the population gets vaccinated, the federal government will have to rethink the rules regarding travel.  As talks of vaccine passports pick up here in North America and Europe, there could be a path to reductions in restrictions for those who have been vaccinated.

If Canada does proceed with flexibility for those who have been vaccinated, we should be in a good spot as we are expecting millions of new doses of vaccine delivered in the next few weeks.  Also, the approval of the Johnson & Johnson 1 shot vaccine a few days ago will only further increase the supply and speed at which all Canadians can receive a life-saving shot.

So, because there is a large expectation that this fall will once again be busy for travel, we are starting to see more and more questions and bookings for the busy season in India.  All of this points to the fact that if you are looking for cheap India flights this fall and winter, now is the time to book!

If you are travelling from Toronto to Delhi there are plenty of cheap flights available!  Right now, most travellers are choosing to purchase one-way tickets as there is a lot of unknowns regarding the hotel quarantine.  If you buy a one-way ticket from Toronto to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight you can pay as little as $579 including all taxes.  If you want to purchase a round-trip ticket on the same Air Canada direct flight, they are available for $1,279.  One-way flights from Delhi to Toronto are also very popular as many students are attending a Canadian university.  The popularity of these flights is adding to their cost, with flights available from $1,089.

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For those of you flying out of Vancouver and searching for cheap India flights, once again Air Canada is your go-to carrier this week.  Just like with flights out of Toronto, many of the new bookings for flights to India from Vancouver are one-way.  If you are looking to buy a one-way flight from Vancouver to India flights on the Air Canada direct flight start from only $539 including all taxes!  If you are ready to purchase a round-trip ticket today, prices start at $1,189.  Once again, prices from India to Canada are on the high side with prices starting from $1,149.

Overall, the news on the vaccine is very good and we will hopefully see large numbers of vaccinated Canadians in the next few weeks.  With more discussion on vaccine passports, and the hotel quarantine potentially coming to an end on April 30th, there is plenty of positive news if you are looking to travel in the in fall or winter this year.

If you are looking to stay home, the news is still great as well are looking forward to Canada opening up, and life returning to normal.  One thing we are quite certain of is that if you want to secure a cheap flight to India this year, it makes more sense to BOOK NOW, as all signs are pointing to heavy demand this fall!

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