Now, you can finally travel on a direct flights from Toronto to Delhi

This week’s update for Cheap India Flights is very similar to what last week’s looked like.  Overall, the status of rules, regulations and flights remain the same as the previous week with one notable exception!

The government of India is now allowing travellers who have a 5-year visa or longer for India entry into the country.  This change will not impact too many people looking to go to India, but it does show a small amount of relaxation of visa restrictions.

We continue to see a small increase in the booking velocity as more are comfortable with the hotel rules, and vaccines continue to roll out.  We are seeing more and more booking of India flights, especially in the fall and winter months.  The general mood of customers seems to be that they are more than willing to travel after missing their family and friends for almost one year, but there is still some fear as we do not know what the rules will be like in September or October.

If you are planning to travel from Toronto to Delhi the two main options remain the Air Canada direct flight, and the Air India direct flight.  One major change from this week to last is Air Canada has reduced their prices to have a cheaper flight to Delhi than Air India.

You can now find round-trip prices from Toronto to Delhi for only $1,479 including all taxes.  One-way prices are even better as you can fly for only $579.  The one place where it is difficult to find cheap India flights is from Delhi to Toronto, those flights are full of many students coming to Canadian university’s and they start from $1,080.  Overall, there are some great options for those who need to find cheap India flights from Toronto to India.

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Out of Vancouver, flight prices are again very similar with Air Canada now being more aggressive on pricing than Air India.  You have a similar situation to Toronto where one-way fares returning to Canada are much higher than those in the opposite direction.

Overall pricing is very good due to low demand so you can secure cheap India flights.  If you are looking to purchase a round-trip ticket from Vancouver to Delhi prices start from only $1,179.  One-way prices from Vancouver to Delhi are very low at $539 and prices from Delhi to Vancouver start at $1,135.  Once again due to the pandemic, there is a great opportunity to find cheap flights to India right now.

This has been a relatively quiet week in terms of news on the quarantine, vaccine and rule changes in both India & Canada.  The expectation is that as vaccine shots pick up pace in both countries and around the world over the next month or so therefore, we will see changes or reinforcement of existing rules.

As the changes are announced, it will greatly impact your ability to secure your cheap India flight for the winter and fall, so if you are planning a trip it is in your best interest to book early and save.  Of course, you must always be mindful of the fact that this pandemic continues to evolve, and there is a chance that rules could get tighter again, but all signs are pointing to loosening up of rules over the next few months.

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