Visa’s to India Can Be Recieved in as Little as 7 Days

Lots of news in the past 7 days regarding cheap India flights from Canada.  Now that the visa situation has been mostly resolved the team at BLS and the Consulate are making great headway on getting visas issued.  We had assumed due to a massive backlog and interest in getting visas it would have taken months for things to get caught up, but that is not the case.  We are finding that most applications are being returned with a visa to India in only 1 week.  This is great news as that means those who need last last-minute trip or perhaps were concerned it would be difficult to get a visa for India can fly!

As the visa situation becomes even better as the backlog is tackled, we believe that getting a visa for those of Indian origin will not be an issue, this means that if you were planning to book a trip to India, now is the time to secure a cheap India flight!

Looking at cheap India flights this week we have seen a big shift in the market for departures this spring.  Turkish Airways has significantly reduced their price and passengers have purchased tickets for less than $1600.  We have not seen prices like this for over 1 year so that might show that demand is softening which could mean cheap India flights for you!

In addition, Air Canada’s flight from Vancouver to Dubai has started and so far, the flight is showing plenty of seats available.

While this will not get you to Delhi, other cities in India are showing a great connection.

The fact that this flight is not performing well at the moment, could mean that there is a deal to be made for Air Canada to get passengers to India which will mean cheap India flights for you!

For passengers departing from Toronto looking for flights to Delhi fares have not seen much of a change in the last few weeks if you are planning to depart this winter.  Right now, Etihad from Abu Dhabi is the cheapest with a fare available for $1995.  Most are looking for a direct flight unless there is a huge discount available by connecting.

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The Air India direct flight is coming close to $2300, at only a few hundred dollars more than Etihad it is hard to justify stopping on your flight to India unless there is more than 1 traveller.

If you look at purchasing the direct flight on Air Canada from Toronto to Delhi, you will end up spending $2532, but you will only receive one free bag on the trip.  We are not seeing big reductions in price for last-minute trips to India from Toronto but that could change at any time, so keep checking to get your cheap flight to India.

Travellers departing from Vancouver to Delhi are once again using Air India in the vast majority of cases, but now with Turkish Airlines dropping their price, it may create new demand and lower prices for our customers, especially if Air India responds in kind.  Prices this winter on the Air India direct flight from Vancouver to Dehil are available from $2466.  If you are looking for the cheapest available option you can save almost $1000 by using a combination of Air Canada, United and Emirates via Dubai. Now that we have options less than $2000 we should start to see demand pick up again!

Overall news has been good for India flights in the last few weeks, now with some lower prices along with the continued access to India visas, we have some good momentum that we did not have last month.

In addition, we are finally finding lower fares which means cheap India flights for you and your family!

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