2023 Canada to India Flight Recap

As we head fully into the holiday season, bookings for India have continued to be strong, considering that this is usually the slowest period of the year. Looking back at the 2023 news for flights from Canada to India, there were many interesting developments. On the positive side, Air India has implemented significant changes to its corporate structure and organization since it was privatized.

On the negative side, there were significant issues between Canada and India that made travel difficult for a considerable amount of time. However, by the end of the year, things had settled, allowing for significant bookings for cheap India flights.

In 2023, Air India made a huge number of changes to how the company is run and made significant positive changes to its business. The most significant item that they completed was the largest purchase of aircraft in history. The combined order of planes from both Airbus and Boeing will set up Air India for the next ten years or more, with new planes arriving weekly in 2024. As the planes are starting to come off of the assembly line, Air India has already announced that they will be placing these new planes on the U.S. to India routes, with Canada hopefully being announced early in the new year.

In addition to the new aircraft, Air India completely refreshed its branding, meals, aircraft interior, and website. All of these positive changes are just a taste of what we can expect for Air India in the next year. With Air India being so competitive for Canada to India flights, we hope to see cheap India flights next year.

From a less positive perspective, Canada and India had their fair share of political problems in 2023. These two countries share a rich history, but diplomatic relations had never reached such a low point as in September of this year. Due to the political back and forth between the two countries, India suspended visa services for Canadians who wanted to travel to India. This, of course, meant that those who had purchased a cheap India flight may not have been able to travel. Luckily, diplomacy won the day, and visa services were reinstated in late October. While this did create major disruptions for Canada-to-India travel, the season in general was saved, and many were still able to travel.

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For those booking flights from Toronto to Delhi this week, Air France and KLM have once again ramped up their competitive juices by offering the lowest fares in the market. While the lowest prices have now moved into early spring, there are still cheap India flights to be found. By flying in early March, customers can find prices from Toronto to Delhi for only $1750. To compare this option with a direct flight, Air India is offering $2480 on the same dates, so there is a massive price difference right now, which is giving Air France and KLM an edge in the market.

Passengers departing from Vancouver to India are also excited by the fact that KLM and Air France have heavily invested in the Indian market by providing cheap Indian flights. Right now, fares in the late winter are available from only $1700, and that includes the high level of service that both KLM and Air France are known for. In contrast, the Air India direct flight is available for $1989 for similar dates. While the price difference is not massive, it is enough for customers to use the KLM/Air France option to secure their cheap India flight from Vancouver.

While 2023 had its ups and downs, overall, the Canada-to-India market remained healthy and strong, with a huge number of people travelling between the two countries. We expect the number to only grow more as a significant number of Indian citizens have recently come to work and live in Canada. While prices may remain high next year, if you are ready to plan, there are always cheap India flights to be found.

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