Big Sales on British Airways Tickets to India

We have seen a sharp increase in the number of bookings to India, with many more customers deciding that it is the right time to secure a cheap ticket to India for the fall.

British Airways has seen a huge jump in ticket purchases as they have decided to compete more forcefully in the Canadian marketplace.  Over the past few years, the London-based airline has avoided the heavy competition from Air Canada and the Chinese carriers, but now due to COVID restrictions and the fact that Air Canada is charging a massive premium for their flights, there is an opportunity for British Airways to supply the market with cheap flights to India.  While British Airways is showing a strong interest in the India flight market, Air India is following closely behind as their direct flights are still a good price and there are rumours that they are set to increase their schedule even further.

Overall Air Canada seems to have a different strategy on how they will work with the India market moving forward.  While they have recently announced a new flight to Mumbai via London which will help create new connections between Canada and India they continue to charge extremely high prices which are pushing the market in different directions.  British Airways and Air India seem to be the greatest beneficiaries up to this point.

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Air Canada’s strategy of keeping prices high may work out for them, but right now customers are booking other carriers where the price difference is over $1000.  With fewer options than normal, we expected a rise in price for Canada to India flights, but Air Canada seems to feel that customers will or are paying these very high levels.  Our experience thus far leads us to believe that customers who still want access to cheap India flights are unwilling to pay these types of prices to fly with Air Canada.

Most customers are looking at the Air India direct flight from Toronto to Delhi as the price is relatively good as compared to what Air Canada is asking for.  The Air India price from Toronto to Delhi is available from $2180.  Also from Toronto, both British Airways and KLM / Air France flights are proving to be very popular, with fares around $2000.

Lufthansa being partnered with Air Canada is still holding out that they will get very high prices for flights in the next few months, we will have to see if this high-risk strategy will work out in their favour.

A customer travelling out of Vancouver to New Delhi has been focusing on British Airways to secure their cheap flight to India this year.   Passengers have been able to secure flights from Vancouver to Delhi for as low as $1650.

In addition to British Airways, Air India is the 2nd most popular option being a direct flight from Vancouver.  As Air India is providing very convenient service, they can demand a higher price, especially with Air Canada unable to provide direct competition.  Right now, customers should expect to pay $2200 for this option in the fall.

Overall, we are seeing a much stronger demand for bookings to India in the past 7 days than we saw in the previous 2 weeks.  Customers are making their final decision to travel to India this fall and winter and we only expect the number to increase over the next few weeks.  With so many people of Indian origin in Canada who have not seen their family in years, they are willing to plan to commit to travel to India this year and see loved ones again.  Those who can plan should expect to get a cheap flight to India while those who wait until the last minute should expect to pay a lot more.

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