Canada to India Tickets Are Going Down in Price!

With many people already committed to the purchase of their cheap India flight this fall, many others are already looking for winter flights with summer coming to a close in the next few weeks.  Now that Air India has announced an increase in their schedule to fly daily out of Vancouver it has become by far the most significant player in terms of market share.  While other carriers out West including Cathay Pacific and British Airways continue to sell a small number of tickets almost nine out of every ten tickets sold from Western Canada are on the Air India direct flight to Delhi.

The additional capacity added by Air India has allowed them to reduce their airfare which may also encourage other airlines to do the same, which should allow you to buy your cheap flight to India.

For Eastern Canada, the Air India direct flight also remains the most popular option.  With Air Canada continuing to ask for a large premium on their direct flight most customers are hoping their price will go down or opting to commit to fly with Air India.

While Air Canada has reduced their price by a small amount it is not nearly enough to convince passengers to not fly with Air India.  As the Air Canada strategy might be to take fewer passengers at a higher price this year, there is always a chance they may lower their fares so you can get the best price on your flight to India.

If you are looking for the best Toronto travel agency to find you a fare to India, then you have come to the right place as Bains Travel knows how to find you a cheap India flight.  For passengers looking to buy a ticket to India from Toronto in the next few days.  Air Canada has finally dropped their fare for early fall with flights now starting from $2010, while this is a huge decrease in what was available earlier in the year, it is still quite expensive, but this finally means that cheap India flights are becoming available.  For those looking to save some money, there are savings available, as Air Canada, Lufthansa and United are offering the cheapest fare in the market right now which is $1750.

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For customers who are looking for flights from Vancouver to Delhi, there has been a significant drop in fall pricing as Air India has lowered their price in response to its new daily service to Vancouver.  While flights have been extremely high for the last few months the airlines are now finding that they are not able to achieve the number of sales they thought they could so now they have no choice but to finally drop the price.  Air India now has flights available for sale that start from $1640, this is the lowest fare in the market.  In addition, Air India has announced the lease of new aircraft that they will put into service on the Vancouver – Delhi route which should increase the comfort on these long flights.

Overall, this is the first time in months we have seen a significant drop in prices for Canada to India flights.  This will probably mean a huge rush in bookings as people will be looking to secure their cheap flight to India.  The airlines tried extremely hard to keep prices higher than we have ever seen, but in the end, it looks like the customer may win out as prices are dropping.  We will see if these lowered prices are a sign of things to come over the next few months or if this is just a marketing strategy to get the market more excited about their next trip to India!

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