Customers for India Flights Are Waiting For Prices to Drop!

As passengers continue to inquire about prices from Canada to India, we are seeing many more calls than bookings.  Customers are hoping for prices to drop before they commit to buying a cheap flight to India.  Unfortunately, we are not seeing the drop in prices to get customers excited about booking their India travel.  Some airlines have resorted to blocking inventory to artificially raise prices.  We are unsure if this is related to increasing demand or airlines attempting to manipulate customers into scaring them that prices are going to rise substantially before they drop the fare to get bookings at higher prices. As airlines continue to be in control of pricing as demand is high it looks like those who have already booked may be the only ones to get a cheap flight price to India this year.

From a competitive standpoint for flights out of Vancouver, there is more discussion from Air Canada about potentially lowering prices to India via their new flight from Vancouver to Dubai.  Air Canada is very excited about this new service and we are sure they want it to succeed and customers flying to India from Vancouver via Dubai makes perfect sense.  Currently, fares to India via this route are extremely high and no customers have purchased a ticket via this route yet.  We are extremely hopeful that Air Canada will find a way to make this option work for passengers out of Vancouver who are so desperate for competition on flights to India.

In other news that will have less of an impact on flights from Canada but will add some capacity on India flights is British Airways has increased their flights to India from London for the fall and winter of 2023.  The national carrier of the UK has added a 3rd daily flight from London to Mumbai which now means that British Airways is flying more flights to India than before the pandemic.   As this new service does not service the Delhi market which is the most popular from Canada it will not have a significant impact on pricing or capacity, but any new service to India is better than the alternative.

In the past week for customers leaving Toronto trying to buy a cheap flight to India, there has been some movement.  For the past 3 weeks, the Air Canada direct service has been the lower-priced option as compared to the Air India direct service to New Delhi.

Now, it seems that Air India has responded and they are offering lower prices for flight departing in September.

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Air India’s direct service is available from $2057 while to purchase a flight on the Air Canada direct service from Toronto to Delhi it will cost you about $200 more.  The quick response from Air India to open inventory and lower prices shows that the competition is heating up out East as we get closer to the peak travel season for India.  We are hopeful that this trend continues so passengers can get access to cheap flights to India.

For passengers departing from Vancouver wanting to get access to cheap flights to India prices are the best on the Air India direct service.  Flights are available from Vancouver to New Delhi for $2370 which is almost the same price as last week.  As the lack of competition is impacting this market ticket prices have remained stable for the fall.  Winter flights, however, are another matter.  Air India has blocked most of the inventory for returning flights after January 15th, 2024 pushing prices above $3000.  While we assume this is a temporary measure, we cannot be sure as we do not know how Air India plans to market flights to India this winter.  Unless something significant changes it seems like as soon as those flights open, we should have many bookings as passengers will commit to booking their cheap flight to India.

As we are now well into the summer season most Canadians are enjoying the beautiful weather, but some are planning their fall and winter trips already.  We are still seeing many inquiries for flights to India, with an uptick in the number of bookings, but not the flood we expect next month.

Those who book now because they are ready will probably get the best price to India for fall flights.  Remember the kids are back to school in less than 60 days as we quickly move through the peak of summer. If you are planning to go to India this fall or winter now is the time to ask questions so you can secure a cheap flight to India.

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