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For those customers who are still outside of Canada the big question this week is how much does it cost for a hotel quarantine and how does that impact my ability to secure Cheap India Flights?  While the cost of the hotel is very expensive, it is currently lower than the $2,000 that had been predicted by the Prime Minister. 

While the telephone line to book hotels is extremely busy and difficult to access, customers can book after a long wait, usually as much as 3 hours.  Right now, families who live together can share a room to reduce the cost, and all meals are included in any room that is booked.  Also, the hotels being offered are of different qualities so you can determine what is the right hotel to book based on your budget.

The mandatory hotel quarantine has significantly discouraged travel, but many people are continuing to book especially for returns after the 30th of April.  The government has not decided on how long this quarantine process will continue, but customers are hoping that by delaying their return to Canada they can hopefully avoid it!

For those customers who do need to quarantine hotels in Toronto are available for as low as $1,500 with two people sharing.  This means that the cost of the quarantine in this example is only $750 per person, less than half of the $2,000 that the government was asking people to budget for.

In Vancouver, the cheapest available rate for a quarantine hotel is only $670 including all taxes, way below the stated amount.  Right now, there are 5 hotels available to book in Vancouver, 2 in Calgary, 6 in Toronto and 5 in Montreal.  This list is growing every day, so hopefully as more hotels are added the prices will continue to come down, which will allow for affordable travel and cheap trips to India!

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The new restriction has had one big benefit for those who have no choice but to travel to India, prices have started to come down!  For customers leaving from Toronto, the Air Canada direct flight to Delhi is the most popular option, but the Air India flight is somewhat less expensive.  If you are looking to travel from Toronto to Delhi you can find flights as low as $999 including all taxes!  If you only need a one-way flight from Toronto to Delhi, they are as low as $599.  The one-way flights have been proving very popular as many people want to buy a cheap India flight, and then wait there until the rules are more relaxed before booking their flights back to Canada.  If you are already in India and need a flight back home, they can be found for as low as $899.

For those travellers looking to fly out of Vancouver using one of the direct flights on Air Canada or Air India, cheap India flights are available.  If you are ready to purchase tickets to India round-trip flights are available for $1,099.  If you only need a one-way ticket to Delhi, then you can find flights as low as $599, or if you only need a return trip back to Canada you can find a cheap India ticket for only $799.

Once again, the big news this week is the start of the mandatory hotel requirements for any passenger returning to Canada from anywhere in the world.  The good news here is that the price seems to be significantly less than what was originally proposed and could drop even further!

While travel is still strongly discouraged it seems that for those who have no choice, they will be able to for a lower price than we thought only a few weeks ago.  And for those looking to travel later in the spring or summer, there is potential that the quarantine may be dropped altogether which would ensure you have access to cheap India flights.

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