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If you want a ticket to India, Bains Travel has the most experienced travel agents and local offices to help you on your way.  With travel agency locations in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford and Mississauga we are available to help face to face, over the phone or online.  When looking for the most up-date information on India prices and flights we have the knowledge to ensure that your trip is enjoyable and safe.

Customers looking to buy a cheap ticket to India for travel in the next few weeks have another option to add to their list.  Cathay Pacific has started a once-weekly flight from Hong Kong to Delhi.  While this is not a significant change yet, it could mean that Cathay Pacific is once again ready to make India a big part of their business. In 2019 Cathay Pacific had one of the biggest shares of traffic from Canada to India and the fact that they are ready to start flying again means that the situation in Hong Kong is improving.  While the single weekly flight will not impact your ability to get a cheap flight to India yet, that can change quickly as there is a good chance that they will increase their schedule which will give everyone a new option for their trip to India this year.

India passengers who want to travel this fall and are waiting for prices to drop have so far only seen prices remain stable or even increase.  As demand is stronger than we have seen in years, cheap tickets to India are proving hard to find.  As we are already closing in on summer, the peak fall and winter seasons are only a few months away and it looks like the airlines have committed to keeping fares in a higher range as customers have been willing to pay these prices.  As we are seeing more and more customers everyday book their fall and winter flights to India, those who book early will receive the best savings of the year while those hoping for prices to come down might be out of luck and be forced to pay higher prices for travel from Canada to India this year.

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Customers who are booking trips from Toronto to Delhi on the Air Canada direct flight are facing higher prices than last week.  Flights for this fall are now almost $2700 for a round-trip ticket.  Even though Air Canada has reduced the amount of free baggage to 1 piece, instead of 2 like most other carriers they are still extremely popular which is giving the ability to charge such a high price.  Due to these high prices most travellers are avoiding Air Canada and are finding other options to get a cheap flight to Delhi.  The cheapest flight to India from Toronto this fall is currently American Airlines via New York.  This new direct flight from North America is proving to be quite popular so expect prices to rise here as well, but right now you can find an India ticket for this option for $1600.

Travellers looking to purchase India tickets from Vancouver have seen prices remain stable on the Air Canada direct flight which means they are finally lower than what is being charged out of Toronto.  Air Canada would like to be charging even more for these direct India flights, but the fact that there is a very good chance that the airspace over Russia will remain closed will most likely mean that these flights will need to stop somewhere along the way.  You can purchase a ticket on this flight for only $2550.  As these are quite expensive most customers are sticking with other carriers to get a cheap ticket to India.  British Airways is currently the cheapest flight available for only $1825 and it has proven to be extremely popular over the past few weeks as customers lock in their fall and winter flights.

Once again, we are seeing increased bookings for the fall and winter as customers have committed to their fall travel plans.  With it looking increasingly like the Chinese carriers will not be flying to India this year it will mostly mean higher ticket prices to India the longer you wait.  Many have decided that the best thing to do this year is to commit to their India flight and book early and lock their cheap ticket price to India.

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