Government Changes Mean Cheap India Flights in the Future!

If you are looking to find a cheap flight to India, we will do our best to update you on all of the developments on the Canada to India routes.

With Vancouver and Toronto to New Delhi taking the majority of traffic between the countries we always keep you updated on all the happening on these most popular routes.

The biggest development in the past few weeks has been the availability of cheap flights to India for the Fall of 2024.  Air India specifically out of Vancouver is being incredibly aggressive to ensure they get their fair share of early bookings.  Most likely this has to do with the number of passengers driving to Seattle to get a cheap flight to India.

From Toronto, we also are finding cheap flights to India but not at the same level that is available from Vancouver.  Most likely that has to do with the much greater distance and lack of a major U.S. airport nearby.  The closest major airport is located in Buffalo, New York, but they do not have the same number of airlines offering service to India which does not help bring down the flight price for Toronto to New Delhi routes.

In a significant announcement on the government front, they have decided that they would like to reduce the total number of temporary residents coming to Canada over the next few years.  While this will not have an immediate impact, over the medium term, we can expect less one-way traffic from India to Canada which will allow cheap round-trip flights that cannot be found this year.

The number of students and other temporary residents coming to Canada as students and foreign workers will slowly be brought down to a more manageable level, this means that the number of one-way India to Canada flights should drop in number which will mean there is more space for Canadians who are returning to Canada after their trips.

As many travellers to India know it is much cheaper on your departing flight to India than on your return trip from India.

For example, on Air India’s direct service from Vancouver next week you can get a one-way trip for only $950, but to return a few weeks later the price more than triples, which makes it unaffordable except for those who have no choice but to travel.

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Passengers departing from Toronto next fall are already booking their trips to India to secure the best possible price.  Right now, flights on Air France via Paris are available for only $1799 which is a great fare based on the fact that it is available during what is very close to the peak season for Toronto to India travel.

In addition, the Air India direct service from Toronto to New Delhi is $250 more on the same dates.  For many, it will make sense to spend a little bit more for the added convenience of not having to stop on your India flight.

For customers departing from Vancouver to Delhi, Air India has ramped up the competitive environment by trying to lock in as many early bookings as possible, before customers start to think about driving to Seattle and flying from there.  Right now, you can find fare departing this Fall from only $1500, which is must lower than customers have been paying this year or any time in the last two years.  With bookings already coming in at a fast pace we don’t expect these prices to last very long.

With significant changes made by the federal government, we expect to see some relief on Canada to India flights, but not for at least a year.

This means that the cheap India flights available this Fall will probably not last for too long.  If you know you are travelling to India this year now is the time to secure your cheap flight to India.

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