Air Canada Announces Flight from Vancouver to Singapore

If you planning to book a cheap flight to India this year is the right time to start booking your India tickets.  We already seeing many flights booked for the fall and well into 2024!  With demand so high and lack of capacity still a major issue in the industry worldwide we expect fares to continue to rise.  If you want a cheap ticket to India book now and save money or pay more later!  As Asia is now open, we hoped that it would provide relief for customers travelling to India via the Pacific.  Unfortunately, these flights are full of passengers trying to see family and friends they have not seen in many years, which makes it difficult for customers wanting to connect to India to get a cheap flight.

In some positive news that should have an impact later in 2024 as Air Canada has announced a new flight from Vancouver to Singapore.  With Singapore Airlines leaving the Canadian market last year Air Canada saw an opportunity as the Vancouver to Singapore flight was extremely busy.  Once the flight gets going in April next year, we should see a new option for connections to India.  Both Air India and Singapore Airlines offer many flights from Singapore to Delhi and plenty of other destinations in India so it should allow more seats travelling to India via Singapore, allowing some cheap flights to India, but this is still a long way off.

In other news with Air Canada, they have finally created an agreement with Emirates Airlines to allow passengers travelling from Vancouver to Dubai on their direct flight to connect easily with the many Emirates flights to India.  Right now, the price point is not competitive but we do expect that to change in the next few weeks and months if Air Canada wishes to bring traffic to India via this route.  Currently, with prices almost double what Air India is charging on their direct flight, it does not make much sense to travel this way unless you are planning a stopover in Dubai.  The route via Dubai to India could be a game changer to provide cheap flights to India if a better agreement between Emirates and Air Canada gets completed.

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As passengers start to book for the fall to lock in their cheap tickets to India here what is happening out of Toronto.

The Air Canada and Air India direct flights are priced closely for the first time in a while.  On Air India, you can get a flight on their direct option for $2049 while you can pay only $100 more for the direct service from Toronto to New Delhi on Air Canada.  If you want the cheapest option from Toronto to Delhi then flying on American Airlines via New York will allow you to get to India for $1850 which is the cheapest flight to Delhi this fall.

Customers travelling from Vancouver trying to buy a cheap flight to India are paying more than passengers from Toronto as we have a severe lack of competition.  Air India is by far the airline taking most of the passengers with their direct flight option available from $2360.  For those customers who want to save money or want to avoid Air India they are buying tickets on the Seattle to Delhi route or flying through Montreal or Toronto can save you about $100 per person, but you do lose the ability for 2 free bags.

Once again, we are seeing strong demand for the fall and winter even though summer in Canada has barely started.  Customers who waited for a sale last year ended up paying more or had to cancel their trip altogether.  We are seeing those customers booking their flights to India now to ensure they get a cheap flight to India.  While we all hope for prices that we saw in 2019, those days are most likely behind so plan and buy your India ticket early.

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