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The City of Winnipeg is centrally located in Canada but it is much closer to the Eastern cities of Toronto and Montreal.  This is why you end up flying through these hub cities when looking for Cheap India Flights.  The city of Winnipeg is much smaller than many of the larger cities of Canada but it is big enough to provide many flights to the larger hubs.  In addition, the Indian population of the city is not very large so there is less reason to provide cheap India flights from Winnipeg.  In comparison to most cities of similar size out the West like Edmonton and Calgary there are less options for India flights.

The list and details contained here are many of the airlines currently flying to India from Winnipeg.  It includes information about schedules and cities.  As this information changes constantly, it is extremely important to check with your Bains Travel agent to get the most up-date details for cheap India flights.

Air Canada

As with all other cities in Canada, Air Canada is your primary option for cheap flights to India from Winnipeg.  Especially in smaller cities such as Winnipeg, Air Canada becomes a more important player as they provide the connections to the larger cities and they fly the international route as well.  With Winnipeg being centrally located in the country flying an Air Canada domestic flight to either Vancouver or Toronto and connecting to their direct flight to India is a smart thing to do.  Currently you can fly to Delhi via Toronto on Air Canada with a total flying time of 20 hours.  If you route through Vancouver the flight time is about 21 hours with the shortest connection.

As Winnipeg does not offer international flights you have to connect in order to fly to India.  Due to the lack of international flights Air Canada has a major competitive advantage.  Their direct flights out of Toronto and Vancouver and great connections to Winnipeg provide a seamless offer for India.  The direct flights out of Toronto and Vancouver on the 787 Dreamliner provide maximum comfort on the long flight to India.  While these direct flights are long, they save time overall by flying over the pole rather than taking the longer route of going over either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

While Air Canada is definitely one of the best options for flights to Delhi and India from Winnipeg, they are not the only carrier providing flights.  The competition on this route is less than other cities in Canada so that will mean you have search harder to find the cheapest flight to India.

British Airways

While British Airways does not fly to Winnipeg they do fly to both Montreal and Toronto.  Unfortunately, British Airways does not have a code share agreement with either WestJet or Air Canada out of Winnipeg but that does not mean you cannot use them as an option, it just takes a bit more work.  In order to fly on British Airways to India you need to book a separate ticket from Winnipeg to Toronto or Montreal and then buy another ticket to India.  This option does have a disadvantage as you will have to pay for baggage on your domestic flight as normally you would get two free pieces of checked luggage on a single British Airways ticket.  In addition, you have to be careful as if you have a delay on your flight that creates a misconnection between the international and domestic flights you might be responsible for any costs to re-book.  For this reason, whenever you purchase separate tickets it is always important to buy flight interruption insurance that will provide protection in this case.

The benefit to opt for this route is definitely the price.  As most people are not aware of this option it is a great way to find a cheap flight to India.  There is always an extra risk when purchasing separating tickets but depending on your situation it good be a great bet.

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Another flight option out of Winnipeg is Lufthansa, while they also don’t fly directly into the city, they do have their close partnership with Air Canada.  With Lufthansa out of Winnipeg you have two main routing options, one is to fly to Toronto to catch the Air Canada flight to Frankfurt and then connect to all the cities in India.  The second is to fly to Montreal on Air Canada and then use Lufthansa to Munich and onward to India.  As in all other situations with Air Canada and Lufthansa you can mix and match the flights.  So, you could use the direct flight to India out of Toronto on your outbound and then route through Germany with Lufthansa on the return.  Using the different combinations can help you achieve the lower possible price on your India flight.

Delta Airlines

An interesting option to Delhi out of Winnipeg that doesn’t work well out of other Canadian cities is Delta Airlines.  Winnipeg is a short flight from Delta’s hub city of Minneapolis and they have four flights per day operating between the two cities.  From Minneapolis you can fly to Amsterdam or Paris on Delta Airlines and then connect to their SkyTeam partners Air France and KLM for your onward trip to India.  The total flight time to India using this option can be as short as 20 hours.  In addition, pricing is competitive because Delta knows there is few options from Winnipeg and it allows them to achieve a significant number of passengers.  If you are looking to find the cheapest flight to India from Winnipeg make sure you look at Delta Airlines as a great option.

Overall pricing out of Winnipeg will not be as cheap to India as other cities in Canada but if you do your research and work with a Bains Travel agent you can definitely find something that provides great value for cost.

As the options for flights from Canada to India are vast, it is very important that you work with an agent who understands your needs.  Bains Travel has been working with clients from all over Canada for 70+ years booking the best options for all India flights.

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