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Lodhi Gardens | Escape the Stress of the Bustling New Delhi

While on your India Tour in the city of New Delhi there is an extreme impact of sights and sounds that enter your senses constantly. Entering Lodhi gardens is an escape from all the hustle and bustle that is the city. Taking a stroll in this beautiful park will take your mind off a busy India tour and allow you reset to enjoy the rest of this magical country.

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Travel from toronto to Delhi at low prices

If you are looking to find Cheap India flights, they are still available but do not attempt to fly back before February 22nd. The new government-mandated quarantine comes into effect on February 22nd so there are very limited seats to return to Canada to avoid it. The federal government has been warning for some time that there will be new rules and now the date of commencement has been set.

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We have amazing deals to travel from Toronto to Delhi

For those potential travellers looking to go to India in the next few weeks and are waiting for the new quarantine rules to be announced, you will have to wait a little longer. While there has been some progress on hotels being chosen for the new quarantine system, the actual date for the government-mandated hotels has not been announced.

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Book direct flights from Air Canada to Delhi

If you are looking to travel to or from Canada there have been significant changes in how travel will be managed over the next few months. The Canadian federal government announcement clarified that there will be new quarantine restrictions for all travellers entering Canada starting very soon.

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Humayun’s Tomb | A Historical Gem

Humayun's Tomb is a must-visit on any New Delhi Tour!  This architectural marvel was built in the year 1570 by Empress Bega Begum who is the first wife and chief consort of emperor Humayun.  The tomb is one of the first structures to use red sandstone at such a significant scale.  The age and impressive beauty of the building allowed it to become a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993, an amazing honor adding to the long list of impressive tourist attractions in India and New Delhi.

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