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Travel from Toronto to India at the best rates

Once again during the past 7 days there has been an expectation that there will be further restrictions in terms of travel for Canada. While this is having a severe impact on flights overall it has significantly reduced prices which is again allowing you to secure a cheap India flight. We have also seen a number of flight cancellations as the government has reiterated that travel should only be for essential reasons.

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Book flight from Canada to Delhi at affordable prices

In our latest installment of our Cheap India Flights blog the greatest change in the last few weeks has been the price of air tickets to Delhi and India.  Many travellers are looking to fly to India in January or February of this year and most want to come back before April.

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Indian Destination Wedding at the Majestic Canadian Rockies

Imagine the majestic backdrop of the mighty Canadian Rockies for your Indian destination wedding at the world renowned Chateau Lake Louise, a jewel in the Fairmont Hotel chain. This hotel is ideally located to offer beautiful views of the snow-covered Rockies, ice capped glaciers and the sparkling Lake Louise with the picture perfect color of the water that takes your breath away.

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Book one-way flight ticket from Vancouver to Delhi at $729

This week if you are looking for information on cheap India flights from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India there are some significant changes.  The federal government announced that as of Jan 7th all travellers entering Canada over the age of 5 will need to show a negative COVID test. 

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Travel to canada direct flights at the best rates

This week in our cheap India flights blog we will explore the updated information on your best options to get your perfect flight from Toronto to India or Vancouver to India.  With all that is happening due to new restrictions on COVID, specifically with new flight bans from London, working with an India specialist is the best way to prevent hardship on your trip. 

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